Protect ESP systems from damage due to solids fallback

Unlike other solutions in the market, SandRight maintains the ability to execute through-tubing chemical treatments while also resisting paraffin and scale buildup by using superior materials.  The tool was specially designed to be easy to install, reliable,  compact, and seamlessly integrated into our ESP production system.


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Case Study: Ecuador

SandRight Sand Management Tool

Prevents dislodged formation solids and sands from entering the ESP system in four fracked wells.

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Unique sand fallback preventer capabilities

In addition to preventing sand from flowing in reverse direction when the well shuts down, the SandRight tool provides higher abrasion resistance for longer wear and resists paraffin/scale buildup.

Joe Stewart, AL Strategic Business Mgr

SandRight® Solids Fallback Preventer

Derived from Halliburton’s expertise in fluid sand transport, the SandRight tool prevents catastrophic damage during shutdown.

SandRight® Solids Fallback Preventer

Deter damaging solids during shutdown events

Solids lodged in the pump stages during shutdown events stress the pump. The SandRight Solids Fallback Preventer deters damaging solids from entering the electric submersible pump (ESP) during these events. Its unique design features preserve the ESP, especially in wells subject to dislodged formation and frac sands. The tool similarly maintains the ability to execute through-tubing chemical treatments while also resisting paraffin/scale buildup by using superior materials.

How It Works

When an ESP is shut down, solids hovering in the production tubing above the ESP are a major issue, especially in unconventional applications. These solids fall back to the pumps and become lodged in the pumps’ stages. Restart attempts can overstress motors, accelerate pump wear, overheat the cable, and/or result in catastrophic failure. 

The SandRight tool not only protects the pumps from permanent damage due to solids fallback but also significantly increases an ESP’s runtime in unconventional applications.


  • Achieves economical ESP run times in applications with sand issues 
  • Decreases the total number of hard-start events 
  • Extends ESP run time beyond what is capable using other sand management tools or techniques
  • Eliminates premature ESP failures when integrated into a total solution  
  • Integrates faster and easier into the ESP system 


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