The costs and demands of replacing reserves through exploration continue to increase. Making informed investment decisions based on an appreciation of geological risk versus potential ROI and from a rigorous and integrated subsurface understanding is critical. It is increasingly more challenging today, when resources, experience, and specialist knowledge are often in short supply.   

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Get in front, stay in front

Accelerate subsurface knowledge management with access to integrated digital multidisciplinary geoscience. 

Think outside the box

Inform subsurface evaluations from plate to pore by leveraging a high resolution, global stratigraphic framework. 

Proceed with confidence 

Make informed predictions by leveraging the power of globally underpinned models.  

Neftex® Predictions delivers the comprehensive, integrated geological framework for subsurface evaluation and risk assessment that operators need. It is a cloud-deployed portfolio of products that provides access to a suite of predictive global models for exploration, tools for subsurface visualization, and analytical capabilities that allow you to delve into over 600 million years of Earth’s history. These and other features enable you to make subsurface predictions quickly and with confidence. 

Get in front, stay in front

Knowledge acquisition

Increase the rate of learning of subsurface teams through immediate access to geoscience information and insights. 

Think outside the box

Superior subsurface constraint

Utilize the high temporal resolution and spatial enablement of geoscience data. 

Proceed with confidence

Informed extrapolation

Leverage fundamental geoscience principles and state-of-the-art earth system modeling to make predictions away from data control.  

Do more with less

Unlock compiled and consumable geoscience data and insights to perform immediate subsurface evaluation workflows. 

Big picture understanding

Identify analogues through interpretations of geological data. 

Understanding risks

High-resolution interpretations, constrained by data and cutting-edge modeling, help provide an understanding of potential petroleum system elements and the long-term subsurface sustainability.

Bridge gaps in expertise

Access a suite of multidisciplinary tools and data that bridge skills gaps in your workforce. 

Critical insights

Understand the exploration and subsurface potential with a higher level of confidence. 

Identify untapped potential

Validate play potential through the application of analogues and an appreciation of geological context.

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The industry-leading cloud-native application for on-demand play fairway evaluation driven by the insights of Neftex® Predictions.

Fast-track your subsurface evaluations.

Fast-track your subsurface evaluations.

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