Global geological insights

A comprehensive, integrated geological framework for subsurface evaluation and risk assessment, with access to predictive global models, subsurface visualization tool, and analytical capabilities.

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North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia: Insights from around Timpan-1

New Exploration Play Concepts - May 2024

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Subsurface insights article
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Optimize frontier exploration

Optimize frontier exploration

Augment subsurface models with curated data, proven geoscience context and insights to help improve predictions and define uncertainty.

  • Optimizes prediction accuracy: A globally consistent framework and earth system modeling helps support realistic predictions away from data control.
  • Defines exploration uncertainty: Global data, analogues and integrated regional context helps provide comprehensive insights into the plausibility of potential plays and critical risks.
  • Accelerates play fairway screening: Automated play-based exploration workflows helps provide first-pass assessment of play potential in minutes.

Identify untapped potential in mature basins

Generate insights and validate new ideas to help identify new opportunities.

  • Incorporates regional context:  Securely integrate and reconcile large datasets and interpretations into their paleogeographic context.
  • Extract more value: Test new ideas and generate insights from existing datasets with interactive visualization and customized downloads.
  • Informed extrapolation: Maintain geological integrity of interpretations across multiple scales to help identify additional near field opportunities.
Screenshot of Subsurface prediction for Geological content and global insights
Identify untapped potential in mature basins
Neftex prediction model
Accelerate subsurface knowledge management

Accelerate subsurface knowledge management

Rapidly familiarize teams with unfamiliar areas of interest with access to integrated digital multidisciplinary geoscience.

  • Rapid knowledge acquisition:  Increase the rate of learning of subsurface teams through immediate access to geoscience information and insights.
  • Do more with less: Unlock compiled and consumable geoscience data and insights to perform immediate subsurface evaluation workflows.
  • Bridge gaps in expertise: Access a suite of multidisciplinary tools and data that bridge skills gaps in your workforce.

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