Play fairway analysis is a time consuming and convoluted process, and its outputs are rarely maintained in an ever-green state. An on-demand solution is sought that rapidly integrates subsurface models to deliver an up-to-date assessment of play risk.


Answers in minutes

Reduce the time it takes to generate a play fairway evaluation for hydrocarbon prospectivity or CO2 storage potential from weeks to just minutes.


Any play, anywhere

Analyze new hydrocarbon and CO2 storage opportunities anywhere in the world at a click of a button.


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Maximize exploration success via the unique integration with Neftex® Predictions solution.

FairwayFinder, a DecisionSpace® 365 application automates the collation and processing of Neftex® Predictions content into play fairway assessments, giving you more time to be creative with play concepts, test scenarios, and build a portfolio in which opportunities can be compared consistently.

Answers in minutes

Comprehensive Analysis

Interrogate the outputs for each play element to gain an understanding of range and likelihood of key exploration risks.   

Any play, anywhere

Built for Hydrocarbons & CO2

Choose between two distinct screening workflows, hydrocarbons, and CO2 storage.

Proceed with confidence

Consistent Analysis

The global tectono-stratigraphic framework that underpins the Neftex content ensures FairwayFinder delivers consistent analysis regardless of differences in geography or stratigraphy.

Explore Multiple Concepts

Easily alter the area of interest, reservoir interval, lithologies, depth surface, geothermal gradient etc. to run multiple scenarios for the same play.  

Global Coverage

Choose any geographic area and define play elements from the entire Phanerozoic to get consistent assessments of hydrocarbon or COstorage potential anywhere in the world.  

Integrated assessment

Assess both the distribution of play elements and risks relating to burial depth, such as thermal maturity and reservoir effectiveness. 

Bespoke CO2 Volumetric Calculations

Create and save bespoke volumetric calculations with real-time updates to results using the Prospective Storage Resource (PSR) Calculator.  

Assessing the unknown

Enables play fairway assessment beyond data control and in unestablished plays, enabling you to consider unproven concepts with minimal investment. 

Connected Workflows

Bring outputs into your own workflows by downloading your projects and viewing them ArcGIS or DecisionSpace® 365 applications.


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