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Halliburton Project Management brochure

Halliburton project management delivers performance-based integrated solutions through collaborative engineering, project and risk management

Case Study

Plug setting aid saves operator four days of rig time

Discover how the BHKA™ plug setting aid was used to place cement plug during a mature gas-well abdandonment operation to save more than USD 350K in rig costs.

Case Study

PowerMag® casing magnets deliver unmatched debris recovery - Case study

PowerMag® casing magnets deliver unmatched debris recovery during deepwater window milling operations. More than 7,500 lb of metal removed


North America Outlook – Full steam ahead with geothermal

Halliburton’s approach to geothermal energy and geothermal development takes a page from over 100 years of oil and gas experience.

Case Study

Corrosion-resistant cement solution for CO2 storage well

CorrosaLock™ and CorrosaCem™ cement systems successfully placed on production liner in CO2 storage well, maintaining full circulation throughout operation

Data Sheet

Digital Well Program® blowout analysis and relief well

Planning for a relief well is a collaborative and iterative process involving multiple disciplines from subsurface to well design and engineering.


Future of Intelligent Wells? Even Smarter

The future of intelligent completions well are smarter with downhole components coping with higher pressure and temperature conditions and handling more zones

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2023 Annual & Sustainability Report

The 2023 Annual & Sustainability Report demonstrates the many ways we executed our strategic priorities, sustainability commitments, and our value proposition.


Case Study

XtremeGrip® low-ECD ELH systems provides robust alternative

The reduced OD geometry and the hydraulic setting method of the XtremeGrip® LECD ELH system allowed the string to reach the section depth in a well in Norway.

Case Study

VersaFlex® and XtremeGrip® ELH systems in sour environment

The VersaFlex® ELH and XtremeGrip® ELH systems were selected for the job in an offshore well in the UAE with a challenging sour environment and complex design.

Results per page: 102550