Delivering high-performance, advanced technology that provides a compliant metal-to-metal seal

Halliburton XtremeGrip® and XtremeGrip® HP/HT expandable liner hanger systems take the standard VersaFlex liner hanger to the next level. This high-performance, advanced technology provides a compliant metal-to-metal seal with a fully bonded resilient elastomeric seal to account for imperfections in the parent casing. Its ability to provide an ISO 14310 V0 tested, gas-tight seal on setting is surpassed only by its ability to provide enhanced hang-weight capabilities at elevated temperatures up to 575°F (302°C) and pressures up to 15,000 psi.


  • Simple, clean-form design 
  • Metal-to-metal seal with resilient elastomeric seal1 
  • Eliminates internal body connections 
  • 360-degree hydraulically energized compliant seal 
  • Engineered extrusion limiter rings 
  • Gas-tight, ISO 14310 V0 qualified2 
  • Performs in elevated temperature and pressure environments - tested up to 575°F (302°C) and pressures up to 15,000 psi 
  • Heavy liners and vertical or long lateral installations


  • Maintains hang-weight capability at elevated temperatures 
  • Sets in standard and heavy-weight parent casings 
  • Applicable across multiple applications 
  • Reduces ECDs and improves flow rates 
  • Single piece integral TBR/packer/hanger minimizes leak paths 
  • Fewer connections, less parts, less problems 
  • Energized sealing mechanism does not require drillpipe weight to set packer/ hanger 
  • Reliable, engineered solution

XtremeGrip system related products

XtremeGrip® MLT system

XtremeGrip® MLT system

Integrated expandable liner hanger for multilateral applications


Design and applications

The unique body profile of the XtremeGrip and XtremeGrip HP/HT systems utilizes engineered extrusion limiter rings to provide metal-to-metal sealing and full bi-directional anchoring capability in all casing grades at elevated temperatures. Its clean-form design offers a smooth radial flow path allowing for unrestricted bypass area, which assist in reducing equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) during all phases of the operation.

  • Land 
  • Offshore 
  • Deep water 
  • HP/HT 
  • Geothermal


XtremeGrip ELH system
XtremeGrip ELH system

Designed for use wherever long liners are deployed

Ideal for use from land to deep water and HP/HT to geothermal applications, and wherever long liners are deployed, the XtremeGrip and XtremeGrip HP/HT systems are designed to mitigate risks and maintain hang-weight capabilities at elevated temperatures and pressures. The system offers increased robustness associated with liners and liner deployment. The hanger and running tool are assembled together and form an intrinsic packoff which minimizes downhole tool components and potential leak paths while cementing. The standard running tool setup offers wash-down capabilities, rotation capabilities without bearings and simultaneously allows for reciprocation of the liner. Once the cement has been placed and the tool actuates the expansion process, the hanger is set to offer bi-directional load capabilities and provide a gas-tight, liner-top seal which eliminates remedial liner-top squeeze jobs after setting.

XtremeGrip Expandable Liner Hanger System

XtremeGrip Expandable Liner Hanger System

Halliburton contributes advanced technologies to Hess Stampede project

37 XtremeGrip® liner hangers installed across 7 Stampede wells with zero nonproductive time issues.

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Liner Hanger system portfolio

Liner Hangers

Liner Hangers

Halliburton liner hanger portfolio includes expandable and conventional options for mature, unconventional, deepwater, and geothermal applications.

VersaFlex® expandable liner hanger

VersaFlex® expandable liner hanger

Field-proven, total system approach to liner installations

Geothermal energy liner hanger solutions

Geothermal energy liner hanger solutions

Tiered solutions for geothermal well construction


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