Mature Fields

Specific Challenge

Install durable and resistant equipment in an extreme solids environment


Alberta, Canada



  • Excessive abrasive wear from sand production causing a broken shaft 
  • Severe erosion in gas separator


  • Tiger Shark® II pump designed for extreme environments
  • Patented Erosion Buster® pump diffuser designed to move sand away from the pump OD and mitigate possible pump housing washouts
  • Liberator™ gas separator designed to perform in abrasive solids environments while separating gas and liquid
  • DuraHard® 7 and 15 coating to harden pump stages and gas separator components against abrasion and corrosion


  • Mitigated damage from produced sand, reducing workover costs and non-productive time 
  • Run life of 180+ days, tripling run time over competitor’s pump


Sand is a common and troublesome solid that interferes with production by causing both abrasion and accumulation, shortening the run life of an electric submersible pumping system (ESP). The Montney formation in Western Canada has significant sand content that forces frequent maintenance and workovers, leading operators to seek an alternative to avoid high maintenance costs. 

In Western Canada, an operator was running a competitor’s ESP for approximately 60 days before it failed from a broken shaft due to erosion from solids. The solids had eroded the hubs of non-abrasion-resistant pump stages, leaving space for solids to lock the pump. There was also severe erosion in the gas separator to the extent that the integrity of the system was nearly compromised. 

Designed and tested for extreme conditions, including high heat and abrasion, Summit ESP® proposed the Tiger Shark® II pump and Liberator™ gas separator with DuraHard® 7 and 15 coating. The Tiger Shark II pump stages incorporate innovative hydraulic design concepts with wide mixed-flow vanes and greater operating ranges, designed specifically to handle broader drawdowns of conventional wells and rapidly declining, sandy, and gassy wells. The Liberator gas separator was proposed to help mitigate gas interference with the pump. It is designed to separate gas and liquid efficiently, while maintaining structural integrity in solids environment. To protect the pump and gas separator from severe heat, abrasives, and corrosion, DuraHard 7 and 15 coating was applied. DuraHard 7 is high-phosphorous nickel coating providing non-molecular surface hardness to stage materials. The DuraHard 15 coating provides hardness comparable to carbide materials, but ductile enough to coat and bond steel components. 

The Summit ESP solution helped mitigate damage from produced sand, reducing workover costs and nonproductive time. The new pumping system installed has been running for 180+ days with no issues.


run time over competitor's pump


days of flawless run time

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