Enabling multi-trip hydraulically-controlled completions

The Fuzion®-H hydraulic downhole wet-mate connector is part of the Fuzion® Suite and was developed for SmartWell® intelligent completions systemswhere dual trip installation or regular workover demand necessitates disconnection and reconnection of the upper completion tubing string and associatedhydraulic control lines from the lower SmartWell installation.

This hydraulic connector allows for reconnection of the tubing and hydraulic control lines to the lower completion when the tubing is redeployed and re-establishing control of the SmartWell lower completion. Compact in design, the secure latching mechanism can be delivered with an enhanced cut-to-release design, or with the patented Halliburton Soft-Release technology, preventing impact and preserving the system integrity downhole.

Intelligent Completions

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By enabling the low-cost work-over of upper completions, the benefits of SmartWell completions can now be implemented economically in areas that were previously considered unreachable.

Andrew Penno, strategic business manager



  • Significantly enhances the economics of ESP installations by enabling upper completion workover without requiring the retrieval of SmartWell® components, ICV’s, and zonal isolation packers
  • Elimination of formation exposure during workover activities
  • 7-in. and 9-5/8-in. casing compatibility enables more options during drilling phase

Two-trip completions in extended reach (ERD) wells

  • Trip 1: Design the lower completion installation with more ideal torque and drag
  • Trip 2: Design the upper completion with more ideal production considerations


  • Compact design is compatible with 7-in. and 9-5/8-in. casing sizes
  • Concentric design does not require orientation
  • Patented surface activated Soft-Release technology
  • Six hydraulic control line channels
  • Debris isolation during all workover activities
  • Redundant metal-to-metal FMJ hydraulic connector
  • Compatible with all hydraulic fluid types


  • Improves economics of completions that require workovers
  • Minimizes risks when re-establishing hydraulic integrity
  • Patented Soft-Release technology reduces abrupt tubing movements when performing disconnection
  • Enable operational flexibility in case of unexpected completion scenarios

Intelligent Completions portfolio

Intelligent Completions

Intelligent Completions

Halliburton SmartWell completion systems allow you to collect, transmit, and analyze completion, production, and reservoir data while also controlling and monitoring selected reservoir zones remotely and in real-time.

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

Downhole Wet-Mate Connectors

The Fuzion® suite of wet-mate connectors facilitates removal of the upper completion from the lower completion without using destructive intervention methods.


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