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Integrate MLT and intelligent completion technology and provide lateral access


Middle East



  • Integrate multilateral and intelligent completion technology and provide lateral access


  • Deploy IsoRite® FT multilateral completion system


  • Through-completion intervention access to multilateral branches
  • Independent flow control and permanent lateral monitoring 


For decades, Halliburton has developed and implemented multilateral technology in the Middle East to enhance well economics and extend field production life. A Middle Eastern operator with experience in multilateral and intelligent completion installations wanted to combine the benefits of both technologies, so the operator and Halliburton worked to define technical requirements and develop, test, and implement a feed-thru (FT) multilateral solution.


The operator wanted to integrate separate capabilities to realize an intelligent multilateral solution. The multilateral well with lateral flow control required through-completion intervention access to both multilateral legs for remedial operations. This intervention access had to be rigless and operationally executed with either slickline or coiled tubing. Independent flow control and monitoring close to the reservoir required control lines to be reliably run across the multilateral junctions between the flow control valves for each lateral.


The Halliburton IsoRite® FT multilateral completion system was developed based on the field-proven IsoRite® multilateral completion system that has been deployed in the Middle East for more than 25 years. The IsoRite FT system window is integrated into the final completion string, designed to interface with intelligent completion tools via FT capabilities. This enables the flow control valves and permanent monitoring systems to be deployed below the junctions and closer to the target reservoir. Slickline or coiled tubing through-completion lateral access is facilitated to enable in-lateral intervention.

Halliburton and the operator established success criteria and identified a suitable candidate well for the pilot run of this installation. Meticulous preparation and communication played a pivotal role to help ensure success. A comprehensive system integration test was performed followed by simulations, risk assessments, and operational procedure reviews.




IsoRite® FT MLT system in Middle East


The system was successfully deployed with distinctive service quality and zero NPT/COPQ. This successful deployment is a testament to the dedication and expertise of all stakeholders involved and provides a springboard for further adoption across multiple fields in the Middle East.

The versatility and effectiveness of this system make it well-suited for applications where multilateral access, permanent monitoring, and flow control of the laterals are essential.

XtremeGrip MLT tri-lateral completion system

IsoRite multilateral completion system

Through-tubing lateral re-entry

The IsoRite multilateral completion system provides through-tubing re-entry capability in TAML Level 2 and 4 wells, eliminating the need to pull the upper completion.

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