Extended-Reach Drilling (ERD) Well Campaign

Specific Challenge

Unable to land casing in long ERD well using conventional centralizers

REGION - Southeast Asia REGION - Southeast Asia


REGION - Southeast Asia


  • An operator was unable to land casing in long ERD well using conventional centralizers


  • Halliburton proposed using low-friction ceramic centralizers bonded to the casing for drag reduction, enabling the casing to land to bottom


  • Successfully reached well TD
  • Saved approximately 72 hours of rig time
  • No additional rotation or reciprocation was necessary


Numerous challenges can be encountered during operations in extended-reach drilling (ERD) wells, including poor standoff, issues running casing in hole, torque and drag management, and equipment limitations. Thus, advanced planning and extensive engineering collaboration between the operator and service company is necessary.


An operator encountered issues when attempting to run casing to TD using conventional single-piece centralizers. Multiple efforts using reciprocation were necessary and the operator inevitably short landed the casing. 


With an impressive history of successful deployment in ERD wells, Halliburton proposed using Protech™ II centralizers for this campaign.

Protech II centralization was deployed with a nominal OD of 8.26 in. and  a four-blade design; each blade length was 11.81 in. This improved the flow-by area and provided optimal standoff. The carbon fiber ceramic blade technology reduced friction by 40% compared to conventional steel centralizers.

This robust design allowed an average holding force per blade greater than 58,000 lbf, which helped ensure blade integrity while running the total open hole length of 9,121 ft.

For this ERD application, Halliburton recommended using four offset blades staggered the entire pipe length to increase the flow-by area, reduce minimum pass through, and improve pipe flexibility. Halliburton installed Protech II centralizers in 230 joints of 13 chrome 7-in. casing.


Reduction in friction


Hours estimated rig time saved


estimated USD saved


Protech II centralization helped reduce rig time, prevent unforeseen costs associated with nonproductive time (NPT), and eliminate the need to procure expensive reamer technologies, saving this operator approximately USD 980,000.


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