Consistent well delivery

The LOGIX® Autonomous Drilling Platform offers an integrated autonomous drilling solution that drills smart wells consistently, with accurate well-positioning, and superior drilling performance. 

The platform orchestrates real-time steering controls, collision avoidance, visualization, and autonomously makes decisions to mitigate drilling dysfunctions to maximize penetration rates. With the LOGIX platform, we offer a digital transformation that helps reduce operational risk and uncertainty to deliver wells reliably, repeatably, and consistently.   

Digital twins and machine learning reduce operational and HSE risks with smaller wellsite footprints and reduced well delivery times, contributing towards sustainability and carbon emission targets .

Accurate and repeatable well positioning
Accurate and repeatable well positioning

Smarter drilling means greater returns

What if you could project your well path, make real-time drilling decisions, and hit your target on time and on budget every time? 

Automating the well construction process – plan, design, execute – reduces risks and errors, increases consistency, and achieves predictable results. That’s the power of LOGIX®.

Accurate and repeatable well positioning

The closed-loop control system of the LOGIX platform quickly reacts as drilling conditions change downhole using sophisticated algorithms combined with high-frequency downhole data. By autonomously adjusting drilling parameters, the well path, or both, the platform ensures the wellbore stays within the desired targets. Continual updates of the downhole environment allow the LOGIX platform to deliver repeatable and accurate well positioning.

Superior drilling performance

The LOGIX platform integrates autonomous drilling solutions that enable superior drilling performance on every well. The steering solution autonomously steers the well trajectory, the drilling dynamics solution mitigates vibration while drilling, and the collision avoidance solution provides monitoring and alerts to facilitate safe drilling in environments with a high risk of collision.

LOGIX Autonomous Drilling Dashboard
LOGIX Autonomous Drilling Dashboard


  • Achieves consistent and repeatable results with faster, data-driven decisions, and precise control of downhole systems
  • Minimizes HSE risk and personnel exposure by transforming drilling services through autonomous well delivery
  • Optimizes reservoir contact and borehole quality with accurate well placement while minimizing tortuosity
  • Improves supply chain scheduling efficiency through dependable well delivery
  • Reduces carbon footprint with remote execution capabilities


  • Provides new digital infrastructures, digital platform integration, and automation
  • Integrates real-time autonomous steering, drilling dynamics, and collision avoidance solutions
  • Compatible with rotary steerable systems and motors
  • Works seamlessly with iCruise® RSS CruiseControl® technology
  • Uses the InSite® real-time platform
  • Allows remote execution and multi-well operations
  • Provides advanced visualization features and a web-based dashboard for rig, real-time center or customers

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