Smart design meets drilling automation 

Halliburton Sperry Drilling LOGIX® Autonomous Drilling Platform combines physics-based models and machine learning to drill the well autonomously, consistently and on-target. 

Smarter drilling means greater returns

What if you could project your well path, make real-time drilling decisions, and hit your target on time and on budget every time? Automating the well construction process – plan, design, execute – reduces risks and errors, increases consistency, and achieves predictable results. That’s the power of LOGIX®. 

Consistent well delivery with automated drilling 

The LOGIX® Autonomous Drilling Platform uses physics-based models to project the well path to avoid collisions, precisely steer and manage vibration and pressure parameters.

By creating digital twins of a reservoir, Halliburton drilling engineers can project complex drilling scenarios and geological uncertainty in real-time. This enables you to visualize the outcome and use data analytics to optimize the current drill plan. 

The expertise of Halliburton and power of LOGIX® work with you every step of the way to help optimize productive footage, increase well consistency, reduce well time, and help maximize the value of your assets.

LOGIX automated drilling dashboard
LOGIX automated drilling dashboard

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