Enhance reservoir understanding, reduce costs

SPIDRlive is an unconventional well testing and fracture interaction monitoring technology that acquires real-time well data without the need for intervention. It helps reduce costs and improve fracture understanding for greater recovery. The SPIDRlive retriever combines quartz-based hardware and proprietary modeling software to capture high-resolution, high-accuracy and high-frequency data from the wellhead without running downhole equipment. 

Remotely view live well test data from your mobile device

SPIDRlive builds on all the same quartz performance specifications of the classic SPIDR and adds the ability to remotely view a livestream from your mobile device data through the cloud to a secure web-based dashboard. It enables you to see what’s happening at your wellsite as it happens. SPIDRlive is ideally suited for frac interaction monitoring applications. 

An image of a SPIDRlive Machine


  • Monitor in real-time from remote locations for unconventional reservoir performance monitoring of DFIT, frac interactions of offset wells or CALIBR® engineered post-frac flowback 
  • Capture high resolution and high-frequency data to perform pressure transient analysis from the wellhead 
  • Accurately calculate bottomhole pressure from wellhead measurements 
  • Determine skin, permeability, and reservoir pressure without running equipment downhole 
  • View and download data in real-time with no data interruption 
  • Memory and battery life enable data recording for up to two years, depending on sample frequency
  • Powered by alkaline batteries with no hazardous materials limitations


  • Dual-quartz pressure transducer 0.01 psi resolution
  • Up to 1-second sample frequency
  • Pressure data compensated for ambient temperature change
  • 10,000 or 15,000 psi
  • Capable of storing over 16 million samples
  • Intelligent sampling to condense file size
  • Capillary tube connection to isolate SPIDR from wellhead temperature effects
  • 1/2-inch NPT or 9/16-inch autoclave connection
  • Wireless communication to a field Edge device
  • Streaming well data through the cloud to designated mobile device

Streaming Unconventional Well Test Data Retriever

Halliburton introduces the SPIDRlive self-powered intelligent data retriever, an unconventional well testing and fracture interaction monitor

Streaming Unconventional Well Test Data Retriever


SPIDRlive is a streaming unconventional well test data retriever that captures high-resolution, high-accuracy and high-frequency data from wellhead without downhole equipment. Real-time monitoring optimizes fracturing performance and enhances reservoir understanding.  

SPIDRlive Specifications 

Full-Scale Pressure 

10,000 or 15,000 psia 




0.025% of full scale 



Memory Capacity 

16,000,000 data sets (in single mode) 

Nominal Sampling  

1 sample per second 


8 x alkaline D-cell batteries 

Thermal Compensation  

Indicated pressures unaffected by ambient temperature changes within the operating ambient temperature range 

Operating Temperature Range  

-20F to 130F 


½” NPT connection for 10,000-psi 

9/16” autoclave for 15,000-psi 


Wireless to the Edge; cellular from Edge to the Cloud 

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