Clarti® Flow and Manage provides real-time downhole pressures, temperatures and ICV position

Frontier field developments push the boundaries of well design. With efficient wells that penetrate multiple zones, these developments require downhole zonal flow control to maximize rate and reservoir recovery. Operating and optimizing a well that is producing from or injecting into multiple zones can be challenging in the best of circumstances. As individual reservoirs deplete and production behavior changes over time, knowing how best to optimize interval control valve (ICV) positions often requires additional well testing and extended evaluation time.

With real-time zonal estimates for production, Clariti Flow provides an improved understanding of well behavior for decision making where zonal choking optimization might be beneficial. Clariti Flow saves time for decision makers by automatically providing zone rate details without cumbersome data integration or manual, iterative analysis.


  • Automated zonal allocation  
  • Visualize current zone rates and status 
  • On-demand ICV position recommendations 
  • Integrated real-time data connectivity 
  • SmartWell® system integration capable


  • Improved well understanding and control 
  • Minimize asset team modeling time 
  • Reduced “what-if” well testing 
  • Detect zonal problems faster 
  • More effectively manage zone or multilateral production or injection

SmartWell® intelligent completions
SmartWell® intelligent completions

Integrated flow simulation

Clariti Flow provides zonal flow allocation using real-time downhole pressures, temperatures, and ICV position for an improved understanding of how zones interact and contribute to total well production or injection. Powered by Halliburton’s NETool® flow simulation software, Clariti Flow calculates flow rates for each zone. It helps users track zonal flow rates and automatically monitors simulation performance over each successive calculation. Using confidence-factor statistics, Clariti Flow pinpoints which zones have drifted, indicating potential production performance shifts.

Designed for collaboration

Based on a client-server architecture, Clariti Flow supports the entire asset team for collaboration and information sharing. It integrates to existing real-time data historians using OPC protocols to access downhole and surface well readings.

Optimized Performance

Clariti Manage provides ICV position recommendations by calculating potentially thousands of “what-if” scenarios based on user-provided production targets and weighting priorities and then returns the best combination of ICV positions to achieve the requested well rate targets. 

eCompletions digital ecosystem
eCompletions digital ecosystem

Digital Innovation

Halliburton Completion Tools has created eCompletions®, a digital ecosystem that advances completions by improving service quality, accelerating continuous improvement, and leveraging autonomous capabilities that exponentially improve well performance and complement how operators manage their reservoirs. Integral to Halliburton’s 4.0 digital oilfield strategy, the eCompletions ecosystem encompasses multiple software platforms, including the Clariti® software platform, for enhanced digital reservoir management. 

The Clariti platform includes Clariti View for remote well data visualization and data-driven notifications; Clariti Flow, which delivers zonal flow allocation for injection and production wells; Clariti Manage, which provides ICV position recommendations based on user-defined targets; Clariti React, which will provide SmartWell® automation with intelligent workflows; and Clariti Predict, which will provide full asset optimization to maximize the reservoir-scale production or injection impact of SmartWell completion systems.

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