Trusted by E&P industry for over decades, it provides a powerful way to understand your wells via high-resolution models of your wellbore inflow by leveraging upscaled reservoir grids. The NETool® software is widely used for wells with inflow control devices (ICDs), inflow control valves (ICVs), multilaterals, long reservoir contacts, multiple zones, or thin pay intervals. Models can be calibrated with real-time data, effectively creating a digital twin of the well.


Comprehensive Well Modeling

Understand and analyze flow in the entire well - from the sandface to the wellhead - with a unified well modeling solution.


Optimal Wellbore Decisions

Collaborate across completion, production and reservoir teams by integrating data in a single model.


Accurate Completions Design

Experience a robust well completion design solution that lets you model existing completions in up to 4 concentric strings.

Modeling fluid flow through complex completions often is beyond traditional reservoir simulation and nodal capabilities, as it should combine an accurate reservoir inflow with a highly detailed wellbore model. As completion complexity grows, the need to model flow through the tool string grows as well.

Comprehensive Well Modeling

Optimize Artificial Lift

Explore and design multiple artificial lift methods with the best multiphase correlations.

Optimal Wellbore Decisions

Comprehensive Well Model

Connect reservoir, log and production data to build a detailed well model.

Accurate Completions Design

Rapid Completion Optimization

Test multiple completion configurations based on a comprehensive understanding of real-time flow and well data.

Save Time & Effort

Leverage a smarter data management system to ensure the same values are applied across workflows.

Connected Workflows

Easily export a calibrated model to get productivity index (PI), bottomhole pressure, or design/optimize artificial lift.

Helps Prevent Completion Failures

Determine hot spots and potential completion failures with 1 ft spatial resolution.

Multipurpose Digital Twin

Build a single well model for multiple use cases like nodal analysis or investigating crossflow in the reservoir section.

Take Informed Decisions

Work collaboratively between completion, production and reservoir teams using one model and one software.

Seek to Improve Well Productivity

Understand the effect of completion design on well productivity and economics in real time.

Keep it Simple

Turn off vertical or reservoir sections when not needed.

Trusted & Proven

A mature and fine-tuned simulator that's been used for over two decades.

Works to Provide Continuous Improvement

Constantly updated with new features and functionalities and offers 24/7 support.

Experience Comprehensive Well Modeling.

Experience Comprehensive Well Modeling.

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