Delivering high-performance in challenging conditions 

Halliburton BaraECD high-performance non-aqueous drilling fluid system provides low controlled ECD in narrow margin applications, while also providing necessary hole cleaning and resistance to barite sag. Built on the success of our broad fluids portfolio, BaraECD is a step-up from the organophilic clay-free high-performance non-aqueous systems (NAF) and offers advanced fluid characteristics for the most technically challenging wells.

Stable wellbore conditions

Uncontrolled ECD can increase the possibility of drilling-induced fracture, non-productive time, and costs associated with fluid loss. Halliburton Baroid BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System has a rheological profile designed to provide low, controlled equivalent circulating density in wells with narrow pore pressure/fracture pressure gradients, reducing the risk of drilling-induced fractures.  

Optimized drilling performance

With controlled ECD management and improved hole cleaning operators can experience more efficient drilling performance. The fluid's unique chemistry provides a low fluid viscosity and excellent suspension properties to effectively clean the wellbore and resist against any barite sag, while reducing the risk of stuck pipe and pack off.  

Access reservoirs previously inaccessible

As drilling conditions continue to become more challenging, BaraECD®  is ideal for low-pressure formations, including depleted zones, high-angle drilling, and slim wellbores. Reservoirs that were once thought inaccessible due to technical or financial constraints can now be explored with Baroid’s innovative new fluid. 


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