Designed to provide a reliable seal

The Autofill Sub is run above the Mirage® or Anvil® plug when automatic filling of the tubing is required. The unique fill sub bladder design allows debris-laden annulus fluids to enter the tubing, while providing a reliable seal from the tubing side. 

The tubing can be tested any number of times, provided the shear pressure of the lockout piston is not exceeded. Once the lockout pins shear, as a result of tubing pressure, the piston drives the ports in the isolation sleeve past the o-rings, locking the fill sub out of service. A simple interference fit retains the fill sub in the locked-out condition.


  • Used separately or in conjunction with Mirage and Anvil plugging systems
  • Completions that require automatic filling of tubing


  • Simple, robust design
  • Prevents fluid flow from tubing to casing 
  • Override option with mechanical isolation sleeve for permanent bladder isolation, if required


  • Autofill valve automatically fills the tubing from below, eliminating manual fill from the surface
  • Rubber sealing sleeve provides positive sealing in debris-laden fluid 

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