Designed to run as an integral part of the tubing

The Mirage® disappearing plug is a plugging device designed to run as an integral part of the tubing. The plug can be used to set a hydraulic-set packer or to test the tubing string. It is activated by hydraulic pressure, thus eliminating the need to use wireline or coiled tubing to run and retrieve the plugging device. Once the plug is expended, the plug material dissolves and disintegrates, leaving a full tubing ID through the plug. A fill sub is run above the plug when tubing autofill is required.

The Mirage plug is available in two versions. The MPB multi-cycle version allows for six pressure cycles before expending. The MPR single-cycle type has no moving parts and uses a rupture disk to select the expend pressure.


  • Horizontal and high-angle wells in which slickline or coiled-tubing unit (CTU) intervention after completion is undesirable
  • Setting production and isolation packers
  • Testing tubing
  • Wells in which retrievable plug use is undesirable


  • Multiple pressure-cycle capability (MPB version)
  • Rupture disk available from 500 to 16,000 psi in 500-psi increments (MPR version)
  • Automatically expends after final pressure cycle
  • Maximum particle size after expending is less than 1 mm
  • Helps reduce well risks, reduces number of slickline or CTU trips in the hole, and allows for multiple pressure tests before expending


  • Tubing can be tested without delay or the issues associated with other plugging methods
  • Helps reduce completion costs by eliminating trips to install and retrieve the plugging device
  • Water used to dissolve the plug is carried with the tool
  • A diaphragm is run in the top of the tool to keep debris off the plug matrix
  • Full non-restrictive ID after expending plug

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