Making fiber installation affordable and routine

Trying to understand what’s happening downhole while fracturing is complicated. The solution shouldn’t be. At Halliburton, we have simplified fiber installation by engineering out unnecessary complexity and cost for a more practical fracture monitoring solution that complements your well factory approach.

Technology Spotlight

Eliminate Wireline Mapping

FIBERSIGHT® Map Delivers:

REDUCED RISK: No intervention needed to identify cable orientation

REDUCED COST: No wireline mapping run

FASTER MAPPING RESULTS: Immediate fiber mapping post casing landing

LESS JEWELRY: No additional downhole clamps

INCREASED PRECISION: No ambiguity, weak signal interpretation or eccentric wireline tool challenges


Indirect Cost Eliminated

2 Wks

From Planning to Installation


Eliminated By Running In Standard Hole Sizes


Wireline Mapping Runs Required

Simplified fiber installation and design

We have reduced fiber installation from an average of six months down to two weeks—making fiber more manageable and easier to incorporate into your overall fracture design. By reengineering our downhole equipment to fit standard North America wellbores and hole sizes, Halliburton has eliminated undesired wellbore changes, such as requiring a larger hole, which impacts drilling schedules and prolongs planning cycles. This step-change in traditional fiber installation provides a means to easily incorporate fracture monitoring without disrupting your factory-mode approach. 

Practical fiber with feasible economics 

In simplifying the complex design process, we have engineered $600,000 in indirect costs out of the installation process—making fiber an affordable option for fracture monitoring. By eliminating the need for a larger hole, we have reduced cost of ownership by at least $200,000. We have also incorporated FIBERSIGHT® Map fiber locating sensors which eliminate the cost and risk associated with an additional mapping run.  

Standardized process for reduced lead times 

By standardizing our equipment, we now hold inventory. This allows Halliburton to provide fiber optic fracture monitoring services to customers in merely two weeks, compared to the three-month lead-time our competitors require. 

Live reservoir insights to drive business decisions 

For fiber to truly be practical, terabytes of data must be put to practical use. Our processing and visualization transforms traditional fiber optic data into real-time actionable insights that drive business-relevant answers, such as understanding where your proppant is going and whether you’re interacting with another well. 


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Enabling cable orientation without the need for wireline mapping.