Eliminate the need for wireline mapping

Traditional permanent fiber deployments require a wireline mapping run after casing installation to identify the cable’s orientation. These runs are time consuming, they increase costs, and they introduce additional risks.

Halliburton FIBERSIGHT® Map fiber locating sensors eliminate the cost and risk associated with additional mapping runs. With these sensors, cable orientation is identified immediately following casing deployment without a wireline mapping run, reducing the total cost of ownership by $200,000.

Eliminate Wireline Mapping

FIBERSIGHT® Map Delivers:

REDUCED RISK: No intervention needed to identify cable orientation

REDUCED COST: No wireline mapping run

FASTER MAPPING RESULTS: Immediate fiber mapping post casing landing

LESS JEWELRY: No additional downhole clamps

INCREASED PRECISION: No ambiguity, weak signal interpretation or eccentric wireline tool challenges


Number of Wells Run


Footage Completed Without Damage to Fiber


Stages Fractured Without Damage to Fiber


Total Footage Mapped

Fiber orientation with less risk and cost

This service delivers increased precision by providing a fixed position immediately after the casing string lands. FIBERSIGHT Map sensors are deployed along the wellbore during the casing run to determine and communicate the orientation of a fiber optic cable back to the surface.

These fiber-locating sensors are part of Halliburton’s FIBERSIGHT® cable services, which have been reengineered to fit standard North America wellbores and hole sizes. This step-change in traditional fiber installation has eliminating the need for wellbore construction changes, such as requiring a larger hole, which impacts drilling schedules, planning cycles and your bottom line.

Trying to understand what’s happening downhole while fracturing is complicated. The solution shouldn’t be. Halliburton has eliminate the cost and risk of wireline mapping, for more routine fracture monitoring that compliments your well-factory approach.