Real-time fracture analytics to improve performance

From understanding fracture performance to monitoring cross-well interactions and production flow, distributed fiber-optic sensing (DFOS) is one of the most trusted fracture monitoring technologies on the market. However, the amount of data to digest and interpret can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Halliburton fiber optic fracture monitoring services uses an advanced analytics platform that streamlines access to real-time, actionable subsurface insights to make confident design adjustments to improve fracture performance.   


Low-cost fiber with zero impact to operations? Yes, it does exist.

Halliburton introduces ExpressFiber™, a single-use fiber optic cable that offers direct cross-well measurements, at a price point that enables fracture monitoring on every well pad. 

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An economic fiber solution for cross-well monitoring

Monitor fracture performance 

Monitor conditions at the perforation level along the wellbore to better understand where stimulation fluids are flowing and whether the entire targeted interval has been stimulated. The StimWatch® service delivers insights and benefits that cannot be obtained from other monitoring systems.

Monitor well interactions

The CrossWatch™ cross well monitoring service allows you to pinpoint of cross well interference in real-time by using strain and temperature measurements, while accurately converting strain into microseismic. This provides actionable insights that help you understand fracture growth in time to prevent communication and improve capital efficiency.

Monitor production performance

Our FlowWatch™ production monitoring service uses DAS to monitor dynamic wellbore conditions during production. It helps operators understand well performance by identifying zonal contribution, monitoring artificial lift systems, and identifying scaling or deposit build-up inside tubing. 


Scalable fiber for live reservoir insights

Trying to understand what’s happening downhole while fracturing is complicated. The solution shouldn’t be. At Halliburton, we have simplified fiber installation by engineering out unnecessary complexity and cost for a more practical fracture monitoring solution that complements your well factory approach. Learn more about our factory mode fiber for scalable use by contacting us today.


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