DataSphere® ROC™ Permanent Downhole Gauges

Reliably Monitor Downhole Conditions

Halliburton's DataSphere® ROC™ permanent downhole gauges (PDGs) help increase productivity through the life of the well or reservoir by providing reliable, real-time permanent data about downhole conditions. Based on an industry-standard, field-proven resonating quartz crystal sensor, ROC gauges can be used for single- or multi-zone monitoring applications. In multi-zone applications, variations of the standard gauge are available, along with dual, triple and quad splitter block assemblies for multi-drop capabilities.

 Halliburton has installed more than 2000 ROC permanent gauge systems – both as standalone systems and as integrated components of a SmartWell® completion – worldwide. 


  • Obtain continuous pressure and temperature data without the need for well intervention
  • Enhance reservoir management
  • Increase system reliability using stable pressure/temperature measurements gained from state-of-the-art testing
  • Optimize artificial lift


  • Accurate quartz pressure/temperature sensor
  • Designed for harsh environments up to 25,000 psi
  • Dual-pressure testable metal-to-metal sealing arrangement on both gauge and cable termination
  • Reduced outside diameter gauge design
  • Multi-drop capability on single tubing-encased conductor (TEC)
  • Flow measurements for specific applications
  • Hermetically-sealed electron beam-welded design with inert gas filling

DataSphere™ ROC™ Permanent Downhole Gauges

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Summary Summary DataSphere® Permanent Monitoring Suite
Advanced Real-Time Wellbore Monitoring
Summary Summary Intelligent Completion in System Provides Operator Solutions in the Remote Niger Delta
The Nigerian subsidiary of an international oil company wanted to pilot test intelligent completion technology in one of the largest fields in the western swamp area. However, the remoteness and the peculiar operating environment in the Niger Delta made installation of surface equipment required to operate/communicate with the downhole intelligent completion equipment a challenge.
Summary Summary Permanent Downhole Monitoring
Single or Multi-zone monitoring during stimulation and production operations
Summary Summary Successful Auto Gas-Lift Using Intelligent Completion Boosted Oil Production
A major customer operating in a mature field in Oman had a few wells that were shut-in due to insufficient reservoir pressure to sustain natural flow. This was adversely impacting field production and eroding project value.
Summary Summary Complex Subsea ESTMZ™ System and Intelligent Completion Technology Saves Customer Major Setbacks
The reservoir had gas accumulation over 1,200 feet in eight separate zones; however, only six zones were commercially viable. Initial data suggested that 40% of the gas resources were located in one zone, while another zone had a high risk of early water breakthrough.
Summary Summary First intelligent completion in UAE field maximizes production and alleviates infrastructure constraints
This was the first intelligent completion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offshore field. The client was evaluating the technology and its economic benefits and how it could alleviate some of the infrastructure constraints, like limitation of well slots that it faced with offshore platforms.
Summary Summary Successful execution of the deepest and highest pressure producing wells in the world for client
Not only was this complex project successfully executed, a record was set for the operator, making these wells their deepest and highest pressure producing worldwide.
Summary Summary DataSphere® ROC™ Gauge Mandrel
The DataSphere® ROC™ gauge mandrel is used to deploy the ROC electronic permanent downhole gauge. Its robust design helps ensure that ROC gauges are securely and safely transported into the wellbore.
Summary Summary DataSphere™ ROC Permanent Downhole Gauges
ROC™ permanent downhole gauges (PDGs) help increase productivity through the life of the well or reservoir by providing reliable, real-time permanent monitoring of downhole conditions.
Summary Summary FloStream™ Venturi Flowmeter
Halliburton’s FloStream™ flowmeter is a Venturi design that can handle a variety of production rates and fluid properties and is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the well.
Summary Summary Subsea Interface Card for IWIS-Compatible Systems
Halliburton offers a range of subsea interface cards to enable monitoring of permanent downhole gauges and control intelligent completion systems.
Summary Summary Middle East: Remote Operating Centers Successfully Optimize Geosteering Efforts to Maximize Exposure in Extremely Thin Clastic Reservoir Sign in required
An operator drilling through complex shale and sand formations required accurate real-time information to navigate to a sandstone target zone of a mere three feet true vertical depth, sandwiched between two shale zones.
Summary Summary Single-Trip Multizone Cased-Hole Frac Packs and Intelligent Completions Improve Recovery in Subsea Gas Field
Advanced Completion solution enables wells to remain fully functional after five years of production.
Summary Summary DataSphere® ROC™ Permanent Downhole Gauges
ROC™ permanent downhole gauges provide reliable, real-time permanent monitoring of downhole conditions, thereby increasing productivity through the life of the well or reservoir.
Summary Summary DataSphere® FloStream™ Venturi Flow Meter
The FloStream flowmeter is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the well in relation to material selection and expected flow rates. FloSteam flowmeter system operation is based on the Venturi principle
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