Automated MPD

Drill the way you want to drill your well



Halliburton Automated MPD service delivers precise and automated hydraulics management across the entire well construction process by integrating multiple data streams and to provide smart analytics for wellbore pressure control, automated event detection, and response management.

Our enhanced automated control includes several patented capabilities including:

  • Automated surge and swab mitigation
  • Real-time mud properties by directly connecting to the Baralogix® Density and Rheology Unit
  • Automated managed pressure cementing by directly connecting with the iCem® service
  • Advanced kick detection by monitoring the correlation between pressure-while-drilling (PWD) data and theoretical models

Our control model, GB Setpoint™, which is based on the Baroid Drilling Fluid Graphics (DFG™) models is used to analyze and compensate for real-time wellbore effects. We update fluid properties throughout the wellbore in real-time based on static, dynamic, and transient fluid behaviors and adjust for thermal and compressibility effects of the fluid.

Our event detection and response management helps minimize events with:

  • Advanced logic to minimize false kick and loss signatures
  • Patented trend analysis of PWD data to detect kicks while flow in still equals flow out
  • Automated response with balancing flow or by implementing the driller’s method

These capabilities help remove traditional MPD restrictions associated with connections, tripping, casing running and cementing operations.

The result is more flexibility in your drilling program.


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