Sandstone 2000™ Acid System

Halliburton's Sandstone 2000™ Acid System simplifies acidizing with everything built in to address the variables and problems that have plagued HF Acidizing in the past.

The system includes:

  • Sandstone Completion™ Acid - A new standard for treating most sandstone formations. The safest system when mineralogy and nature of damage are uncertain. Maximum HF dissolving power without secondary precipitation. Prevents aluminum precipitation better than acetic acid and helps maintain formation compatibility.
  • Fines Control™ Acid- A patented retarded process that penetrates to remove deep damage caused by fines and swelling clays. Very few sandstone formations are sensitive to this system. There is far less tendency for it to unconsolidate formations than conventional HF systems.
  • K-Spar™ Acid - The treatment of choice in formations high in potassium feldspar and illite. Increases production by reducing fines migration and near-wellbore damage over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Volcanic™ Acid - New organic-HF acid system replaces HF fluids which produce severe secondary precipitation. Protects formations too sensitive to HCl acid. Compatible with HCl-sensitive minerals such as chlorite, zeolite, etc. Can be used at higher temperatures. Helps avoid sludging of crude.
  • Silica Scale™ Acid System designed specially to remove silica scale from geothermal wells.

Sandstone 2000™ Acid System

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