Turbine Drilling Motors

Turbine Drilling MotorsTurbine drilling motors spin the bit at a high RPM, helping you maximize asset value in hostile drilling environments by reducing well time and lowering your cost per foot. When coupled with diamond-impregnated bits, turbines deliver extended run lengths to help you reach TD in one run.

Configurable to Your Needs

Halliburton Sperry Drilling will collaborate with you to engineer a drilling solution with our Turbopower™ turbodrills to meet your operational challenges:

  • Avoid bit sticking in environments with a high risk of bit sticking.
  • Maintain directional control with steerable turbines and At-Bit Inclination.
  • Enhance performance for rigs with high-flow or low-flow capabilities.
  • Achieve high build rates.
Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Turbopower™ turbodrills help to reduce well time and lower costs-per-foot in hard and abrasive formations, and high-temperature environments.

Turbine Drilling

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