Turbopower™ Turbodrills

Lower your cost per foot in hard and abrasive environments

Turbopower™ turbodrills help you maximize your asset value in hostile drilling environments by reducing well time and lowering your cost per foot. Especially suited for hard and abrasive formations, Turbopower turbodrills are matched with TurboForce™ diamond-impregnated bits, so you can reduce tripping for worn bits. The all-metal design helps you achieve longer runs with consistent power and eliminate elastomer breakdown in high-temperature environments, thus avoiding NPT.


Turbopower turbodrills improve drilling performance so you can reach TD in one run:

  • Durable – All-metal design made with advanced components—PDC thrust bearings, titanium flex shaft, and tungsten carbide insert radial bearings—operates in ultra-high temperatures (up to 572°F/300°C), and is greatly resistant to high pressure, high-solids fluids, and chemicals.
  • Steerable - When you require precise directional control, turbodrills are the industry’s only turbine with At-Bit Inclination.
  • Reliable - Reduce your NPT from bit sticking with the Halliburton patented ASD anti-bit sticking device and short-gauge TurboForce bit, designed to minimize bit contact area with the wellbore.

Let’s collaborate to engineer a drilling solution to help you maximize asset value in the most hostile drilling conditions.

Turbopower™ Turbodrills

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Summary Summary Bolivia: Turbopower™ ASD Turbodrills Save an Estimated Two Weeks of Rig Time Sign in required
The operator of a field in south Bolivia planned to drill a gas well in the South Andean Foothills through a Devonian formation of fractured sandstone, siltstone and shale. The overthrust faults and stressed formations are prone to “bit-sticking” and, typically, it is difficult to maintain the well path in such applications.
Summary Summary India: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Saves Five Days of Drilling Time and Establishes New Field Record in Western India Sign in required
The Turbopower turbodrill achieved record footage drilled in the first two runs of 548 meters (1,798 feet) and then 581 meters (1,906 feet) respectively. Overall ROP averaged 1.5 meters per hour (4.92 feet per hour) shaving five drilling days from the plan.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrills Deliver Record Performance in First Turbine-Drilled Horizontal Well in Brazil’s ‘Pre-Salt’ Carbonates Sign in required
In this deepwater well drilled from a semi-submersible offshore Brazil, the challenge was to drill a long lateral in a very tough and hard-to-drill formation of silicified carbonates, achieving the directional plan while minimizing costs.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Longest Run in Brazil Pre-Salt Sign in required
Safely and economically drill the 8-1/2 inch interval of a deepwater pre-salt geological formation.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Field Record ROP in Pre-Salt Carbonates and Saves Three Days of Rig Time Sign in required
In spite of the poor drillability of the challenging formation, the Sperry Turbopower turbine delivered the fastest ROP in the pre-salt of this field, drilling the 8-1/2-inch hole 348 meters to total depth in 79.55 hours, achieving a field record ROP of 4.4 m/hr and saving the operator three days of rig time.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Reduces Drilling Time by Eight Days on Record Run Sign in required
Sperry delivered the longest run to date in Brazil using a turbine. The Turbopower turbodrill drilled the entire 905 meters (2,968 feet) section in one run and saved at least one bit trip.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Helps Save 12 Rig Days in Offshore Brazil Pre-Salt Sign in required
When slow rate of penetration (ROP) made it necessary to pull the rotary steerable assembly from this high-cost, deepwater well located in 1,943 meters (6,375 feet) of water, the operator needed a solution that would provide faster drilling while maintaining directional control in the very hard formation.
Summary Summary Canada: Turbopower Turbodrill Helps Operator Save USD 260,000 Drilling Gas Well in Montney Shale Sign in required
In a Montney shale gas well, Sperry Drilling services successfully reduced drilling time and delivered significant cost savings by using a Turbopower turbodrill and diamond impregnated bit to drill the hard formations.
Summary Summary Egypt: First Turbopower™ Turbodrill Application in Egypt Successfully Powers through Abrasive, High-Temperature Formation to Save Operator Over $450,000 Sign in required
In one of the most challenging high temperature applications in Egypt, an operator planned to drill a gas well in the western desert. Their objective was to land the 6-inch hole through the high temperature, very abrasive kaolinite siltstone formation known to cause slow rate-of-penetration (ROP) and tool failure.
Summary Summary Venezuela: With 107 Percent Increase in ROP, Operator Saves Seven Days with Turbopower™ Drilling Sign in required
Operating in a well containing highly abrasive sandstone, the operator’s primary objective was to drill vertically through an approximately 1,100-ft (335-m) production section in two runs, with one trip out to surface planned for replacing the bit.
Summary Summary India: Tubopower Turbodrill Reduces Drilling Time by 15 Days, Saving an Estimated USD 300,000 in a Deep Directional Well Sign in required
Halliburton successfully reduced drilling days and delivered significant cost savings using Sperry Drilling service;s Turbopower with Drill Bits and Services diamond impregnated bit for drilling the first of eight deep wells an operator planned to drill in a remote location in India.
Summary Summary USA, Oklahoma: Turbopower™ Turbodrills Deliver High Build-Rate Curve and Lateral through Abrasive Grante Wash Sign in required
In this well, the operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to provide a solution that would achieve the necessary build rate in the curve to land the well at proper depth, and drill the lateral section with minimal directional corrections – drilling both sections as fast as possible while delivering good hole quality.
Summary Summary Brazil: Record Run with T245 Turbodrill Eliminates Extra Bit Trip and Reduces Drilling Time by Twenty Hours Sign in required
Sperry delivered the entire 557 meter (1,827 feet) section in one run at an average ROP of 1.72 meters/hr (5.64 feet/hr) and eliminated the additional planned bit trip.
Summary Summary Algeria: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Record Run Sign in required
Safely and economically drill the 8-1/2 inch interval of the Hamra Quartzite formation, a very hard rock section
Summary Summary Qatar: Turbopower™ turbodrill helps operator save US$3 million in deep exploration well Sign in required
Halliburton’s Turbopower turbodrills application in Qatar. The results confirmed that using this solution to drill these hard formations can be an economical approach with no compromise to safety, steerability, or hole quality.
Summary Summary World Oil: Turbodrills reduce well time and deliver lower cost per foot in hard and abrasive formations
Downhole turbines are a solution in hard and abrasive formations, otherwise inaccessible with conventional motors.
Summary Summary Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Engineered to help operators maximize asset value by reducing well time and lowering cost per foot in hard and abrasive formations and high-temperature environments.
Summary Summary Operator Saves USD 450.000 in Abrasive, High-Temperature Well
An operator was drilling a gas wellthrough the very hard, abrasive, and high-temperature kaolinitesiltstone formation. The well was proving to be one of the mostchallenging high-temperature applications. The operator challenged Sperry Drilling to drill the 6-inch vertical section of the S-shaped well faster, safer, and on target through the formation.
Summary Summary ONGC Reaches TD in Hard and Abrasive Formation 32 Days Ahead of Plan
Sperry Drilling sets new drilling record with Turbopwer™ Turbodrills and matched custom bit engineered solution.
Summary Summary Engineered Solution Maximizes Drilling in Pre-Salt Carbonate Formation, Saving USD 833,000
The Turbopower turbodrill used in conjunction with the TurboForce diamond-impregnated bit drilled 948 feet (289 meters) in just 93.2 drilling hours, achieving an ROP of 10.2 feet/hour (3.1 meters/hour).
Summary Summary Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Turbopower™ turbodrills help to reduce well time and lower costs-per-foot in hard and abrasive formations, and high-temperature environments.
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