Fiber Optic Monitoring

Fiber Optic monitoring services include a portfolio of distributed and point sensors used to evaluate wellbores from unconventional and mature field markets to heavy oil thermal and deepwater environments.  FiberWatch® distributed temperature and acoustic sensing provide evidence of fluid movement along the wellbore throughout the well life.  FiberPoint sensing provides accurate pressure and temperature measurements within the wellbore to improve evaluation of fluid movement over time.  Fiber optic conveyance is also critical to consider.  SPECTRUMSM Diagnostic Service and FiberLog retrievable services as well as permanently deployed and pumped fiber applications each provide unique strengths with respect to fiber conveyance to fit the need for any downhole application.

Distributed Fiber Optic Services

StimWatch® service has been a staple in unconventional resource applications used to determine stimulation fluid distribution and cross well interaction for various completion strategies in basins all over North America.  FlowWatch™ service utilizes fiber optic results to focus on production flow profiling.

Fiber Optic Interrogators & Software

FiberWatch® DTS is industry leading for distributed temperature monitoring across applications from unconventionals to heavy oil thermal environments.  FiberWatch® DAS is a revolutionary service used to monitor injection and production flow along a wellbore.

Pressure and Temperature Gauges

FiberPoint™ Pressure Gauge (PG) sensors provide reliable point pressure and temperature results up to 300C (572F).   FiberPoint Pressure Gauge Interrogator (PGI) is an industry leading interrogator that supports the downhole pressure gauge solution.

Retrievable Fiber Optic Services

SPECTRUM℠ Diagnostic services combines the benefits of coil tubing services and fiber optic distributed services to evaluate injection and production flow profiling.  FiberLog™ service is a wireline based solution that encompasses DTS and DAS FiberWatch services to perform casing and tubing leak detection and production profiling.