LockCem™ and LockSeal™ Cement Systems

LockCem™ cement represents a Portland cement and resin blend; LockSeal™ cement is the foam version of the slurry system.  This industry-unique system is made possible by Halliburton’s proprietary resin system, WellLock® resin.  Because WellLock resin resists catalytically and exothermically reacting with water, it can be blended into the water-based slurry system, enhancing the ductility and the hydraulic seal of the set sheath while promoting resistance to corrosive elements such as acids, salts or CO2.  A reliable annular seal helps withstand the cumulative stresses from pressure and well testing, injection and stimulation treatments and production cycling; this in turn enhances well economics by helping sustain production while mitigating the need for remedial cementing.