LockCem™ Cement

LockCem™ cement is a proprietary blend of a water-tolerant resin, WellLock® resin system*, with any class of Portland cement.  This blend is compatible with Halliburton additives, enabling the cement system to be customized for specific pumping-operations and wellbore conditions.  Research has shown that the addition of resin to cement can result in improved mechanical properties in comparison to the base cement.

LockCem cement provides the best of both the resin and the cement qualities, while overcoming the challenges of oilfield resin use.  Only a percentage of the overall blend involves the resin system, which enables the economic use of the high-volumes of slurry required for primary cementing while conveying specific properties for improved cement-system performance. The resin transmits long-term performance advantages to the cement sheath including increased compressive strength, a lower Young’s modulus for greater ductility, and an increase in shear bond strength.  Permeability of the cement can also be significantly reduced due to the incorporation of resin in the design.

The resin system in LockCem cement forms a dense, highly cross-linked matrix. The extent of the cross-linking reaction is determined primarily by volume, temperature and time.  The distribution of resin throughout the slurry acts like shock absorbers between the particulates of the cement, increasing ductility and the resiliency to withstand stress from load-inducing events throughout the life of the well.

Research has shown that the addition of resin to a cement system can result in a lower density and improved mechanical properties in comparison to the base cement.  This chart provides data indicating an increase in shear bond and compressive strength of LockCem cement versus the base slurry. 

  Density (ppg) Compressive Strength (psi) Shear Bond (psi)
Base Cement 16.4 5705 610
LockCem™ Cement (20% resin by volume) 14.9 6105 720

*WellLock® resin is the only resin system used in oilfield applications that can be pumped ahead of, behind or blended with water-based fluid systems. This is because WellLock resin does not become volatile upon contact with water. Other oilfield resins react exothermically when in contact with even small amounts of water, presenting concerns for health, safety and non-productive time.

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