Innovative cementing technologies for extreme geothermal environments

Geothermal energy is harnessed from the heat produced and stored deep within the earth's core. Because geothermal heat is continuously produced naturally, it is both a renewable and low carbon footprint energy source. Geothermal wells are often drilled into high temperature reservoirs, which require cementing solutions that can be placed at elevated temperatures. Geothermal environments may contain highly corrosive fluids, which can lead to degradation of the cement sheath and tubulars over time. Halliburton understands the complexities of geothermal resource development and can provide innovative, tailored technologies to address the range of challenges cementing in a geothermal environment requires. 

ThermaLock™ and ThermaLock™ II Cement Systems

ThermaLock™ Cement - Non-Portland calcium phosphate cement system with superior thermal stability above 230°F (110°C) in comparison to conventional Portland cement designs. 

ThermaLock™ II Cement - An extension of the legacy ThermaLock portfolio formulated from a more sustainable raw material. 

ThermaLock™ III Cement

ThermaLock™ III Cement - An enhanced ThermaLockTM cement system augmented with mechanical property enhancers for extreme environments with significant thermal and stress cycles.  

Foamed Cement

Lightweight slurry designs that can be placed via our ZoneSeal® process across weak, highly fractured formations to prevent cement fall back and lost circulation. Reduced Portland cement designs and non-Portland solutions, such as the ThermaLock product portfolio, can be foamed to provide superior insulation properties and long-term chemical resistance. 


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