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Specific basin knowledge and ceaseless customer collaboration lead to drilling fluids that deliver superior performance. Real-time predictive analytics help optimize drilling parameters, improve efficiency, and prevent problems before they occur.

Exceptionally engineered solids control systems extend fluid life and increase rate of penetration. Pair with treatment technology to drastically reduce disposal volumes and to recover or reuse fluids.

Case Study | Marcellus
  • Drilled 9,184 ft in 24 hrs
  • Set record in Marcellus extended laterals

Drilling Fluids | Direct Emulsion Fluid System

Avoid risks and unnecessary costs during intermediate section drilling with BaraShale™ Lite direct emulsion fluid technology.

  • Prevents lost circulation and washouts in salt and weak formations
  • Updated formula enables even faster drilling with lower equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) and higher levels of hardness
Case Study | Permian Basin
  • More than USD 850,000 saved in first 7 wells
  • Saved USD 100,000 in total operating costs per well

Drilling Fluids | Non-Aqueous Fluid System

Drill laterals faster with the BaraXcel™ high-performance non-aqueous fluid system.

  • Fragile gel composition drives advanced pressure management.
  • Updated formula enables even faster drilling with lower equivalent circulating densities
  • Clay-free design results in better pump response in extended-reach wells.
Case Study | Permian Basin
  • Drilled in record time saving, USD 1,120,000

Digital Solutions | Real-Time Services

Mitigate risks and drill smarter with BaraLogix® digital solutions.

  • Real-time analysis of wellbore dynamics helps navigate narrow margins and optimize drilling parameters.
  • End-of-well fingerprinting of the downhole pressure profile can improve field economics.
Case Study | Marcellus
  • Reduced days vs target by 30%
  • Saved USD 600,000 across six wells

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