DFG RT™ Drilling Fluids Graphics Software

Being able to look ahead of the bit to anticipate what will happen downhole and avoid problems and NPT is critical to optimize drilling performance. Most drilling fluids softwares provide what appears to be a clear picture but there is always some manual adjustment to be done to improve accuracy and create peace of mind. Baroid’s Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFGTM) software provides the most complete picture and is the most accurate technology of it’s kind in the industry. It is mathematically based and provides a straight simulation of what’s happening downhole real time. There is no manual adjustment necessary.

Key parameters modeled include:

  • Wellbore geometry
  • Hole angle and size
  • Drilling mode: sliding, rotating or mixed
  • ROP while sliding and/or rotating
  • Downhole fluid densities based on dynamic or static profiles
  • Pump rates
  • Rotary speeds
  • Circulating and static intervals (drilling, sliding, making connections, etc.)
  • Downhole rheology
  • Fracture generation
  • LCM particle size distribution
  • Effect of LCM on rheology

Output from drilling simulations focuses on annular cuttings concentrations, including average cuttings concentration as well as the localized cuttings distribution in the annulus, and equivalent circulating density (ECD). Documented variance between DFG software-predicted and actual ECD, as measured by PWD tools, is consistently less than 1%.

Baroid’s DFG software is the only hydraulics modeling program that accurately accounts for the effects of drilling fluid compressibility and thermal expansion on fluid density, including the reduction in temperature while the mud returns to the surface through a long deepwater riser that causes an increase in density, viscosity and rheological properties.

DFG RTâ„¢ Drilling Fluid Graphics

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