BaraLogix® Applied Fluids Optimization

Pressure Management and Fluids Optimization
We provide a combination of trained personnel, advanced technologies, and proven workflows to help you optimize your drilling operation.  Industry-leading software  allows us to visualize multiple variables of your drilling program in real time, while our Applied Fluids Optimization Engineers interpret the data and make recommendations to improve your drilling performance.

Fluids Experts
AFO Engineers can monitor your well operations and identify potential pressure-related events in advance.  Our ability to issue incident interventions and make recommendations for adjustments in drilling parameters and fluid properties gives you the opportunity to solve problems before they occur.

Drilling Fluids Graphics Real-Time (DFG-RT™) software allows Halliburton to monitor real-time data of multiple fluid and operational properties, including flow rates, rheology, temperature, cuttings loads, ROP, and more.  Frequent data points from downhole instruments and fluid personnel are then applied to DrillAhead® simulations to help increase accuracy of downhole pressure predictions and reduce risk.

Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO)

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Summary Summary Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO) Service Enables Cross-Discipline Collaboration in Operator’s RTOC
Applied Fluids Optimization Service Expands and Integrates RTOC Wellsite Data Analysis Functions for More Accurate Modeling of Downhole Conditions
Summary Summary Applied Fluids Optimization Monitoring Prevents Problems Before They Occur
Halliburton proposed monitoring the well with Halliburton’s Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO) service.
Summary Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well
High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid Systems and Applied Fluids Optimization Service help Operator save US$679,000 in Norway
Summary Summary Organoclay-Free Fluids Enable Operator to Drill and Complete Slim-Profile Well in Record Time
Baroid Fluid Systems and AFO Service help narrow ECD window in mature well
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO) service helps to avoid costly NPT in deviated GOM deepwater well
Baroid’s Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO) services allows AFO specialists to use Drilling Fluids Graphics – Real Time (DFG RT™) software to interpret the situation in real time, enabling the operators to respond quickly and appropriately.
Summary Summary Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO)
Real-time monitoring, simulation, and fluids optimization service.
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