BaraShield®-664 Lost Circulation Material

BaraShield®-664 lost circulation material (LCM) provides a multi-modal particulate additive to prevent or remediate fluid losses in permeable and impermeable formations. BaraShield-664 LCM is proven to quickly plug fractures up to at least 1,000 microns in size.

Prevent and Remediate Lost Circulation in One Solution

BaraShield-664 LCM effectively prevents drilling fluid losses while also remediating fluid losses when utilized as an LCM pill. As a background treatment, utilize our “STRESS-SHIELD™ Engineering Method” to identify the proper amount of material needed for each application. This process helps control costs by preventing unnecessary overtreatment and can increase operational efficiency. BaraShield-664 LCM, distributed in a single sack, helps save rig space and reduces costs with lower inventory while simultaneously reducing waste with fewer pallets needed and fewer emptied sacks to discard.

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