BaraBlend®-680 Lost Circulation Material

Engineered, composite LCM helps seal large fractures in depleted formations

BaraBlend®-680 lost circulation material (LCM) is a multi-modal particulate additive that can quickly seal a wide range of fractures in depleted formations, including fractures up to 3,000 microns in size. A key component to BaraBlend-680 LCM is Baroid’s exclusive resilient graphitic carbon material, STEELSEAL® LCM. This proprietary formulation has been engineered specifically to remediate lost circulation in depleted formations – where high fracture closure stresses are observed.  Operators can reduce non-productive time and increase wellbore integrity by using BaraBlend-680 LCM to treat partial to severe fluid losses in unconsolidated sand or gravel, small natural fractures, or small induced fractures.

Single-sack blend is effective in a wide range of applications

Inventory and treatments can be managed more efficiently with the pre-defined combination blend that works successfully for every fractured application up to 3,000 microns in size. The single sack blend also helps save rig space, reduce costs, and minimize waste – fewer pallets needed and fewer emptied sacks to discard. 

BaraBlend®-680 LCM can be used in both aqueous and non-aqueous-based fluids without altering fluid properties. BaraBlend-680 LCM is suitable for all well types in any location, but is not recommended for use in the reservoir.