BaraBlend®-657 Lost Circulation Material

Acid-soluble, engineered, composite solution helps seal fractures in the reservoir

BaraBlend®-657 lost circulation material (LCM) is an engineered, composite solution to help remediate partial to severe lost circulation, especially in the payzone. The single-sack LCM blend can seal fractures up to 3,000 microns in width. BaraBlend-657 LCM is 96% acid-soluble in both mineral and organic acids, making it easy to remove during completion operations.

Minimize non-productive time with single-sack LCM blend

BaraBlend-657 LCM helps control losses in unconsolidated sand or gravel, small natural fractures, or small induced fractures. The particle size distribution is optimized to quickly seal the formation and allow the operator to resume drilling. BaraBlend-657 LCM can be used in all well types in any location, and is especially well-suited for the reservoir.

Versatile LCM works in a wide range of drilling fluids

BaraBlend-657 LCM can be used with aqueous- and non-aqueous-based fluids, including reservoir drilling fluids, without altering fluid properties. The single-sack formulation also helps operators reduce inventory, save rig space and end up with fewer pallets and emptied sacks for disposal.

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Summary Summary Combo LCM Pill Stems Losses in Deeply Fractured Carbonate Formation
LCM treatment saves operator approximately USD 600,000
Summary Summary BaraBlend®-657 and BARAFLAKE® C LCM Combo Reduces Static Loss Rate to Zero
The operator was able to perform a cement squeeze and to sidetrack the well with no further disruptions.
Summary Summary BaraBlend®-657 Lost Circulation Material
BaraBlend®-657 is an acid soluble, multi-modal particulate engineered, composite solution to specifically help remediate partial to severe lost circulation in reservoir formations by sealing fractures up to 3,000 microns in size.
Summary Summary Acid Soluble LCM
When drilling into highly fractured formations, severe fluid losses are often encountered, posing serious threats to the drilling operation.
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