Corrosion Control

Prevent costly corrosion damages
Preventative treatment can help avoid the expense of corrosion-induced failures of drillstrings or casings. We offer proven corrosion-control treatments that mitigate the corrosive qualities of drilling and completion fluids and other factors affecting the downhole environment.   

Product offerings for a variety of corrosion types and applications
Whether you encounter corrosion due to hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, or carbon dioxide, our scavengers are engineered to tackle all types of corrosion. Baroid offers solutions that can be used directly in the fluid system without adversely affecting drilling fluids. Our corrosion control product line also offers products for use in water-based, oil-based, or aerated drilling fluids. 

Effective products that lower your costs
Baroid’s corrosion control solutions reduce corrosion rates and help lower rig equipment, drill pipe maintenance and replacement costs. We offer corrosion control additives that are safe and easy to use.

Corrosion Control Additives

Filming Agents
BARACOR® 95 Maintains high pH and provides high temperature protection
BARACOR® 100 Nitrogen-based filming agent suitable for mono and divalent brines
BARACOR® 700 Filming phosphonate inhibitor for monovalent brines
BARAFILM™ Filming amine inhibitor, suitable for atmospheric protection
BaraCor® W-476 Filming amine inhibitor, suitable for mono and divalent brines
Passivating Agent
BARACOR® 450 Thiocyanate inhibitor for zinc brine
Scale Inhibitor
BARABRINE® SI™ Used in conjuction with BARACOR 450 to prevent scaling
ALDACIDE® G Glutaraldehyde biocide for rapid action
STARCIDE™ Organic biocide for long term protection
Oxygen Scavengers
BARASCAV™ D Sulfite-based oxygen scavenger
BARASCAV™ L Bisulfite liquid form oxygen scavenger
OXYGON™ Organic oxygen scavenger suitable for mono or divalent brines
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger
SOURSCAV® Soluble iron-based H2S scavenger for drilling fluids

Corrosion Control

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