PERFORMADRIL® Water-Based Drilling System

PERFORMADRIL® Water-Based Drilling Fluid System

High performance system promotes increased rates of penetration
The unique chemistry of Baroid’s PERFORMADRIL® water-based drilling system provides for a high degree of clay control, wellbore stability, performance based rates of penetration, low coefficients of friction and rheological control over a wide range of temperatures. The versatility and clay control exhibited by this system has made it a high performance fluid that has become a credible replacement for invert emulsion fluids globally.   

With its unprecedented technical performance, PERFORMADRIL system is an excellent choice for reactive shales, dispersive clays, no-salt formations, permeable sands, high pressure/high temperature wells and directional wells.

Compliant with the most stringent environmental regulaions
In addition to being compatible with the most technically demanding wells, PERFORMADRIL water based system poses less risk to the environment and rig personnel than any other drilling fluid. Complying with the most stringent environmental regulations, PERFORMADRIL system has the highest environmental rating (GOLD) achievable in the North Sea and unlike competitive technology, it is non-toxic and biodegradable. 

PERFORMADRIL® Water-Based Drilling System

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Summary Summary PERFORMATROL® - Product Data Sheet
PERFORMATROL shale inhibitor is used with the PERFORMADRIL® system.
Summary Summary North Sea: PERFORMADRIL® Solution Maintains Integrity of Deviated, Large-Diameter Hole through Unstable, Reactive Claystone
Baroid successfully used PERFORMADRIL wtaer-based drilling fluid system to drill through a highly unstable and reactive claystone
Summary Summary North Sea: PERFORMADRIL® Drilling Fluid Solution Facilitates Successful Sidetrack through Overpressured Shale
Baroid utilized a customized PERFORMADRIL water-based fluid system to successfully drill a sidetrack through overpressurized shale
Summary Summary Qatar: Engineered PERFORMADRIL® Fluid System with BARACARB® Bridging Agents Helped Save 3 Days of Rig Time and $4M
Qatar Shell Services Company (QSSC ) was planning to drill and core an 8½” reservoir section in an exploration well in the Pre-Khuff formation. The primary target was the Jauf Reservoir, and the Unayzah Reservoir was the secondary target. QSSC was seeking an environmentally-friendly fluid system that could help minimize formation damage and provide optimum shale inhibition for increased wellbore stability over an extended period of time during well logging. As an added challenge, the expected temperature in the reservoir section was expected to be 300°F.
Summary Summary PERFORMADRIL Maintains Wellbore Stability & Eliminates Cutting Costs on Challenging Deepwater Angola Project
PERFORMADRIL® System Helps Maintain Wellbore Stability and Eliminate Cuttings Costs on Challenging Deepwater Angola Project
Summary Summary PERFORMADRIL® Water-Based Drilling System
PERFORMADRIL is a water-based drilling system providing a high degree of clay control, wellbore stability and performance based rates of penetration.
Summary Summary Water-Based Drilling Fluid Systems
Halliburton's Baroid Fluid Services has designed its high performance water-based drilling fluids to meet four basic criteria: extremely inhibitive, highly shear thinning, non-dispersed, and very low in colloidal content.
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