Achieve maximum shale stabilization over wide temperature range

Baroid’s HYDRO-GUARD® water-based drilling fluid system provides maximum shale stabilization in highly reactive clays, with proven high performance in many drilling environments including deepwater. Engineered for reliable inhibition and maximum drilling performance, this system can provide wellbore stability, high rates of penetration, and acceptable rheological properties over a wide range of temperatures. The system remains stable from 30°F through 300°F (-1°C through 148°C) up to 16.5 ppg, a first for a low-solids, non-dispersed polymer drilling fluid system.

Developed in response to the need for a water-based fluid that would approach the operational performance of invert emulsion fluids, the unique polymeric design of the HYDRO-GUARD system has shown to perform equal or similar to synthetic based fluids on several parameters, including clay inhibition, lubricity, and hole stability. 

Ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas
HYDRO-GUARD water-based fluid offers several environmental and safety advantages over oil- and synthetic-based fluids, making it ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas. With the benefit of allowing cuttings discharge based upon environmental restrictions the HYDRO-GUARD system delivers economic value in deepwater, shelf, and inland waters or on land. Since no oil is used in the formulation, the HYDRO-GUARD system eliminates the need for cuttings processing, monitoring equipment, and extra personnel, reducing overall drilling costs.



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Summary Summary CLAY-SYNC™ II™ Shale Stabilizer - Product Data Sheet
CLAY-SYNC™ II™ shale stabilizer is a low molecular weight, non-ionic 100% active dry polymer for use as a clay inhibitor in water-based drilling fluids.
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® Inhibitive High-Performance Water-Based Fluid - Sales Data Sheet
HYDRO-GUARD® water-based fluid is a clay-free system designed for maximum shale inhibition in highly reactive formations like those found in deepwater.
Summary Summary Saudi Arabia: Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® System and Engineered Lost Circulation Blend Save 5 Days in Complex Wellbore
Multiple severe loss zones were encountered on offset wells, ranging in depth from 5,100 ft to near total depth at approximately 9,500 ft total vertical depth (TVD). Heavy lost circulation material (LCM) treatments and cement plugs were only partially effective in reducing losses. The complex wellbore also presented potential issues with swelling shale, gas/salt water influxes and differential sticking, all of which had been observed on offsets.
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® WBM eliminates zero-discharge concerns and related costs
Successful deepwater well drilled with high-performance HYDRO-GUARD® water-based mud avoids zero-discharge costs
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM help eliminate casing run
HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM bridging treatment help eliminate casing run in depleted zones
Summary Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® WBM and DFG™ Modeling Software Deliver Trouble-free Drilling, Saving US$ 360K
Offset wells experienced multiple downhole issues: » High torque » Lost circulation » Reactive clays » Gas and water flows » Differential sticking
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® System Enables Operator to Achieve Drilling Record in Horizontal Well
System delivers significant cost savings and operational efficiencies
Summary Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® WBM Helps Set New Field Record, Saving USD 3 Million
Baroid Solution stabilizes wellbore in reactive clays
Summary Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® HPWBM Delivers Trouble-Free Gauge Hole, Zero Cuttings Handling Costs
Baroid Solution saves operator several days of rig time
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® Water-Based Drilling Fluid System Stabilizes Problem Salt/Shale Formation
Saturated-salt HYDRO-GUARD® WBM replaced OBM in a trial well, providing the same drilling performance.
Summary Summary Oman: HYDRO-GUARD® WBM Saves Six Days on Long 12-1/4-Inch Section with Reactive Clays, Potential Loss Zones
The 12-1/4-inch section was the longest interval of the well, with a planned casing setting depth of approximately 3,600 meters (11,811 feet). Three reactive clay formations would be encountered while drilling this section: the Natih D, Nahr Umr, and Gharif shales. On previous wells, these formations had destabilized, resulting in excessive backreaming during trips and hole pack-off conditions.
Summary Summary Africa: HYDRO-GUARD® water-based fluid system solves shale challenge and nets operator significant savings in remote exploration well
The customer utilized Baroid's HYDRO-GUARD water-based drilling fluid system to deliver the rate of penetration and gauge hole necessary to successfully drill an exploratory well in Offshore Namibia
Summary Summary Egypt: Engineered HYDRO-GUARD® High-Performance Water-Based Fluid and TORQ-TRIM® II Lubricant Saved Operator $1.5M While Drilling 8½" Deviated Hole
An operator working in the Western Desert region of Egypt, planned to drill a deviated well with a 38 degree inclination. The required fluid hydrostatic pressure stabilizing the reactive shales resulted in a 3000 psi overbalance against the depleted 3700 psi reservoir sands pore pressure. Consequently, high torque and differential sticking was expected.
Summary Summary Egypt: HYDRO-GUARD® water-based drilling fluid system replaced competitor silicate mud, delivering stable wellbore through troublesome shale
Baroid recommended HYDRO-GUARD water-based drilling fluid system along with the addition of BAROTROL PLUS additive to provide optimum inhibition in the troublesome shale.
Summary Summary HYDRO-GUARD® System
The HYDRO-GUARD® system is a water-based drilling fluid designed to provide maximum shale stabilization in highly reactive clays.
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