BaraShale™ Lite Water-Based Fluid System

Designed to keep full salt saturation with reduced density to help increase drilling efficiency

The BaraShale™ Lite fluid system contains a proprietary emulsifier that tightly combines the base fluid, which consists of brine to prevent salt washout, and oil to lighten the mud weight. The result is a fluid system that helps prevent lost circulation and washout while minimizing dilution and waste volumes.

By reducing the need for displacements and enabling you to mix on the fly instead of batch mixing the fluids, BaraShale Lite can help enhance operational efficiency. You can also use field brine in the fluid rather than trucking in fresh brine, and unlike other water-based fluids, this fluid can be re-used on multiple wells.

Helps Reduce Costs
The BaraShale Lite fluid system can help you lower costs through the reduction of downhole losses and salt washout. When not prevented, these issues can lead to costly non-productive time. Because the system requires less dilution to reduce the density, waste volumes are lowered helping to minimize overall disposal costs. 

You may also be able to change casing designs so that salt sections and lower formations can be drilled together to eliminate the need to run extra casing strings. 

Helps Reduce washout, losses, and fluid waste haul-off costs
We recently applied the BaraShale Lite system on several wells in the U.S. Delaware Basin. The system delivered outstanding performance with rate of penetration higher than the operator’s average. The operator saw a decrease in washout and downhole losses compared to wells previously drilled in the same location. Additionally, fluid waste haul-off costs were reduced by 70% compared to previous wells.

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Summary Summary BaraShale™ Lite Fluid System - Sales Data Sheet
For Fields with Salt Formations and Low Fracture Pressures
Summary Summary BaraShale™ Lite Fluid Enables Sustained Success of Unconventionals in Low-Cost Oil Environment
To sustain operations in the Permian Basin against the low-cost oil environment, operators needed to achieve superior borehole integrity and annular isolation, and to reduce drilling time and waste disposal costs.
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