Water-Based Drilling Fluid Systems

Customized solutions
Despite the excellent track record demonstrated by invert emulsion fluids, operators continue searching for a water-based system that will give comparable performance. Increasing concern is placed on environmental impact of operations, making water-based alternatives more attractive.

Baroid has engineered high-performance water-based fluids that emulate the performance of an invert emulsion fluid. Each fluid system is customized to address specific drilling challenges.

Highly inhibitive products combat shale swelling and provide wellbore stability
Baroid’s inhibitive water-based systems help combat the swelling and fracturing of shale while drilling. These inhibition capabilities allow the fluid to exhibit very stable yield point and gel strength values over the entire range of temperatures normally encountered in deepwater and shelf drilling.

Low solids and maximum shear thinning capabilities
Baroid high-performance water-based fluids include shear thinning properties, capability to withstand high temperatures, increased fluid loss control, greatly improved hole cleaning and wellbore stability when compared to conventional water-based fluids; all while complying with environmental regulations and minimizing impact in the most environmentally sensitive areas.

Higher rates of penetration
High-performance water-based systems are very low in colloidal content contributing to high rates of penetration. These non-dispersed fluids show similar performance to invert emulsion fluids but maintain all the benefits of a water-based fluid. Inhibitive properties enable minimal drilling issues to be encountered, enabling sustained higher ROP.

BaraShale™ Lite Direct Emulsion Fluid System
The BaraShale™ Lite fluid system contains a new proprietary emulsifier that tightly combines the base fluid, which consists of brine to prevent salt washout, and oil to lighten the mud weight. The result is a fluid system that helps prevent lost circulation and washout while minimizing dilution and waste volumes.
The HYDRO-GUARD® system is a water-based drilling fluid designed to provide maximum shale stabilization in highly reactive clays.
PERFORMADRIL® Water-Based Drilling System
PERFORMADRIL is a water-based drilling system providing a high degree of clay control, wellbore stability and performance based rates of penetration.
Water-Based Fluid Descriptions and Applications

Water-Based Fluid Descriptions and Applications

Learn more about Baroid’s customized water-based fluids.

Water-Based Drilling Fluid Systems

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Challenging HP/HT Limits Of Water-based Drilling Fluids
BaraXtreme™ and BaraDrilN™ X have been designed to exhibit excellent thermal stability.