BaraXcel™ High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System

Increase drilling performance
The rheology of the BaraXcel™ high-performance non-aqueous fluid (HP NAF) system is managed through the application of several innovative emulsifiers and fatty acids. These additives represent a major departure from the commonly used organophilic clay and lignite. The interaction of the components in this system is  key to providing robust yet fragile gel structure that yields increased pressure management and dramatically reduced fluid losses compared to conventional non-aqueous fluids.

Reduce non-productive time 
Other fluids that use organophilic clay treatments often require time to fully yield. Baroid’s BaraXcel™ organophilic clay-free systems do not require circulating to stabilize the mud weight after long static periods. High-performance systems are ideal for use in areas where the pore pressure/fracture gradient window is narrow. The rheology modifiers are polymer based, which minimizes surge pressures and can manage equivalent circulating density (ECD).

Protect the formation
The BaraXcel™ system is also well suited for drilling your reservoir. The system contains co-polymer technology that produces an extremely thin filter cake and provides a better seal than conventional technologies resulting in low fluid invasion, optimal logging conditions, less skin damage, excellent return permeability, and low lift-off pressures.

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