BaraPure® Salt-Free, High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System

BaraPure® salt-free, high-performance non-aqueous fluid system provides operators a salt-free, organophilic clay-free fluid system to help improve drilling performance and reduce overall AFE in technically challenging wells and locations with strict environmental regulations. The system has replaced the salt phase with a biodegradable, hygroscopic internal phase. Utilizing innovative polymer technology, this system shows equivalent performance to Baroid's other high-performance invert emulsion systems, while also meeting the most stringent environmental regulations.

Improve Drilling Performance
The BaraPure® salt-free, high-performance non-aqueous fluid system has been engineered to provide tolerance to contaminants and excellent shale inhibition without the use of chlorides. The BaraPure® fluid system can be built from all available base fluids and fully customized for any well.

Reduce Overall Operating Costs
Halliburton's BaraPure® salt-free, high-performance non-aqueous fluid system can allow operators to reduce or eliminate the use of cuttings treatment services. Lab and field tests have demonstrated significant toxicity reductions in the hygroscopic internal phase of the BaraPure® fluid system when compared to traditional Calcium Chloride use. The salt-free formulation and low toxicity levels can allow cuttings to be disposed of at the source in many areas, offering measurable benefits for remote locations with waste management logistics or infrastructure challenges. Additionally, the BaraPure® fluid system is highly responsive to fluid treatments downhole, and requires fewer additives while drilling. The combined benefits of on-site cuttings waste disposal, reduced dilution and chemical consumption, and clay-free drilling performance help reduce overall operating expenses.

Meet or Exceed Environmental Regulations
Engineered with a focus on well economics and environmental stewardship, the BaraPure® salt-free, high-performance non-aqueous fluid system is designed to meet or exceed some of the industry's most stringent environmental regulations. OSPAR regulations require chemicals to show an LC50 value greater than 10 mg/L and biodegradability greater than 60%. The key components of the BaraPure® fluid system meet both of these requirements, with no inhibition of plant growth or water quality.

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