BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System

Stable Wellbore Conditions

Uncontrolled ECD can increase the possibility of drilling induced fracture, non-productive time and costs associated with fluid loss. Halliburton's BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System has a rheological profile designed to provide low, controlled Equivalent Circulating Density in wells with narrow pore pressure/fracture pressure gradients, reducing the risk of drilling induced fractures.

Superior Hole Cleaning

The fluids unique chemistry provides a low fluid viscosity and excellent suspension properties to effectively clean the wellbore and resist against any barite sag, while also reducing the risk of stuck pipe and pack off.

Access Reservoirs Previously Inaccessible

As drilling conditions continue to become more challenging, BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System is ideal for low pressure formations, including depleted zones, high angle drilling, and slim wellbores. Reservoirs that were once thought inaccessible due to technical or financial constraints can now be explored with Baroid’s innovative new fluid.

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Summary Summary Organoclay-Free Fluids Enable Operator to Drill and Complete Slim-Profile Well in Record Time
Baroid Fluid Systems and AFO Service help narrow ECD window in mature well
Summary Summary BaraECD® NAF Delivers Consistent Wellbore Stability in Deepwater Well, Saving 24 Days of Rig Time
High-Performance Fluid System Optimizes Drilling Operation
Summary Summary Innovative Sag-Resistant Fluid Provides Cost-Effective Drilling Solution for High-Angle Wellbore
Months of development and collaboration with the GOM operator yielded an enhanced fluid system that could meet each of the challenges presented by this extremely difficult wellbore.
Summary Summary BaraECD® High-Performance Fluid System Enables Operator to Successfully Drill MPD Well
On the Ensco 82 rig located in the Gulf of Mexico in 2012, the operator was drilling a managed-pressure-drilling (MPD) well in a depleted sand formation in the South Timbalier field.
Summary Summary High-Performance Fluid System Enables Low-Pressure Circulation During Challenging Scab-Liner Run
Major operator recently attempted to run and cement a 12,000-ft scab liner in a well located in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).
Summary Summary BaraECD® Drilling Fluid System Designed for Low ECD Applications - Sales Data Sheets
Baroid's BaraECD® Drilling Fluid System Designed for Low ECD Applications was designed to provide low controlled ECD in wells with a narrow margin between the pore pressure and fracture gradient, while also providing necessary hole cleaning and resistance to barite sag.
Summary Summary A drilling fluid from Halliburton’s Baroid business combines new emulsion chemistries with polymers to extend the operating environment of a drilling fluid for high-pressure, high-temperature conditions.
Baroid introduced BaraECD in 2012 for use in narrow margin drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.
Summary Summary BaraECD® Non-Aqueous Fluid System Helps Customer Reach Reservoir in The Netherlands
A Dutch operator was faced with the challenge of drilling various slimhole wellbores containing a narrow hydraulic window into the Carboniferous-aged Rotliegend reservoir formation in the North Sea, offshore the Netherlands. The well targets were reached by first drilling through the Zechstein salt formation and the Silverpit and Lower Slochteren formations, which are all depleted formations.
Summary Summary BaraECD® System Enables Operator to Drill and Complete Difficult Well
The operator drilled the production interval and experienced some losses due to low pressure sand. Baroid lost circulation pills were pumped and the sand was sealed off and losses cured. The challenge was to run and cement the production string without mud losses, as mud losses of over 50% would require the liner top to be squeezed. With an 11.6 ppg equivalent sand pressure and surface mud density of 15.0 ppg the differential pressure across the sand was 3,786 psi
Summary Summary BaraECD® Fluid System and WellSET® Wellbore Strengthening Treatment Solve Deepwater Subsalt Drilling Challenges
Offset well data indicated that an operator would encounter a high-pressure subsalt sand between the base of salt at 19,200 feet (5,852 meters) and 19,700 feet (6,005 meters) measured depth (MD). A severely depleted sand was known to follow at 19,797 feet (6,034 meters) MD. Controlling equivalent circulating density (ECD) while drilling these sands would be critical to avoiding significant down time.
Summary Summary High-Performance BaraECD® Fluid System Enables Operator to Drill Successfully on Slim-Hole HPHT Well in Bolivia
An operator in San Isidro, Bolivia, needed to performa reentry of an existing well. This well was abandoned previously due to high pump pressure values when drilling with a standard invert emulsion fluid (IEF) system; also, due to casing integrity issues in the original wellbore, a 7-inch casing was set back to surface, making it far more difficult to minimize the equivalent circulating density (ECD) value due to the tight annular clearance over the entire well.
Summary Summary BaraECD® System Delivers Low ECD and Stable Wellbore in Narrow-Window Shale Lateral
High-Performance system provides substantial savings
Summary Summary Operator Overcomes Lost Circulation Problems
BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid helps complete trouble-free cementing operation
Summary Summary Sag Resistant, Economical Fluid Solution for Narrow Margin, Depleted Permeable Zone, High Angle Wellbore
This offshore application presented challenges that included a narrow operating window, high inclination and a depleted permeable zone with serious mud losses.
Summary Summary BaraECD® fluid and AFO service help limit downhole losses
BaraECD® fluid and AFO service help reduce downhole losses by more than 60% in critical well, saving $5 million
Summary Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well
High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid Systems and Applied Fluids Optimization Service help Operator save US$679,000 in Norway
Summary Summary BaraECD® Fluid Significantly Reduces Costs in Completion Operation
Baroid Drill-In Fluid enables operator to save three days of rig time
Summary Summary BaraECD® NAF Enables Operator to Use One Fluid for All Drilling Intervals
Baroid Fluid Solution optimizes drilling operations
Summary Summary Integrated Drilling and Logging Approach Maximizes Formation Reservoir Exposure
The Halliburton product service line’s 24/7 support – both in-house and within the integrated real-time operation center (iROC) – ensured that every wellbore section, including the depleted reservoir interval, was drilled with minimal fluid losses and that the wellbore was at total depth (TD) before the oil-water contact (OWC).
Summary Summary Access Reservoirs Previously Inaccessible Due to Extremely Low ECD Margins
How can I stay within the window to maintain well control while avoiding fluid losses and formation damage?
Summary Summary BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
Halliburton’s BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System has a rheological profile designed to provide low, controlled Equivalent Circulating Density in wells with extreme narrow pore pressure/fracture gradients, reducing the risk of drilling induced fractures.
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