Baroid Laboratories

Polymer - molecular modelling The Halliburton Technology Center - Baroid Research and Development Laboratories in Houston, Texas; Aberdeen, Scotland; and Pune, India; provide a complete spectrum of laboratory services. In addition to providing comprehensive drilling fluids support, the facilities have the capacity to address a wide range of operational issues related to well construction, completion, and production. These laboratories perform research and development and provide quality control services.

The first line of quality control is at the wellsite. Our engineers are trained to perform API and other field tests to monitor mud properties, to pilot test, and to recommend and implement appropriate treatments to help ensure that the drilling fluid meets operational specifications. In support of the engineers in the field, there is a network of area labs which can perform more extensive and complex tests. Equipment such as FANN® 75 viscometers, particle size analyzers (PSA), and roller ovens may be found in these labs.When situations arise that cannot be adequately handled by the field and area labs, then the Halliburton Technology Center labs are called on for support and solutions.

The complex of laboratories includes:

  • Technical Services: Drilling Fluids
  • Technical Services: Completion Fluids
  • Technical Support: Analytical
  • Technical Support: Bioassay
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Fann Instruments Development
  • IDP Research and Development