Tuesday, September 14, 2021 | 9:00 a.m. CST (UTC-05:00) 

Analyzing all possible scenarios using historical data collected from multiple E&P domains (geology and geophysics, well construction, production, and reservoir) to decide well position can be very challenging without the appropriate analytical tools to process information. This scenario will lead to planners spending more time with data treatment rather than decision making.

A digital analytics ecosystem for the oil and gas industry enables full integration of data across domains and allows users to interactively select customized visualization layers of information, generation of technical reports, calculation of parameters on the fly and process unstructured data using artificial intelligence engines.

This tool was developed using big data concepts and can synchronize structured databases, digital documents, real-time services, APIs, and machine learning processing services through a digital integration platform. This information can be visualized and manipulated by the user on a map dashboard or on a single well view with detailed data.

In this webinar, we showcase this data analytics-based approach for well positioning challenge that uses NLP and text mining techniques for creating an integrated environment for data-driven decision making.


  • Understand how to adopt machine learning workflows integrated with dashboards.
  • Learn the concept of digital ecosystem applied in the oil and gas industry.
  • Know more about the data science approach for anomaly detection in the drilling domain.

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Presented by:

Miguel Galiza

Miguel Galiza

Principal Data Analyst

Burt Scheliga

Burt Scheliga

Industry Solutions Senior Developer