September 20, 2023 | 10:00 AM CST

Making a multi-million-dollar reservoir development decision can be a challenging exercise. Not delivering on initial oil or gas production forecasts, or experiencing a premature water breakthrough, can have financial consequences for an energy company. In this webinar, we introduce and showcase Unified Ensemble Modeling - an innovative approach that helps to put uncertainty management at the center of the reservoir modeling exercise, and risk awareness at the center of the decision-making process. Our approach utilizes data at all scales to build geological scenarios and assess subsurface uncertainties. Next an ensemble of models is built, integrating all available static and dynamic data simultaneously, and accounting for all geological and engineering uncertainties. Then, our ensemble analytics solution provides quick insights about potential reservoir targets, and helps generate, compare and optimize reservoir development scenarios to produce these targets.

By delivering reliable probabilistic production forecasts, Unified Ensemble Modeling aids in maximizing your asset value while seeking to minimize development risks. Furthermore, the time to investment decision can be greatly reduced thanks to our gradual, fit-for-purpose approach wherein we start with simple models and add complexity as needed.

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Presented by:

Sebastien Strebelle

Sebastien Strebelle

Chief Product Manager/Domain Owner for Earth Modeling at Halliburton Landmark