With the recent acquisition of Resoptima, Halliburton Landmark is combing our technologies to deliver to market a revolutionary approach to reservoir management called Unified Ensemble Modeling (UEM).

In this webinar, we will showcase how this innovative approach utilizes available static and dynamic data simultaneously, allowing you to explore and visualize the subsurface at multiple scales and resolutions, while consistently incorporating geological uncertainties at every stage. While retaining your preferred tools you can leverage UEM to experience unparalleled reservoir insights with ensemble-based modeling, enabling rapid creation and continued refinement of highly reliable reservoir digital twins under uncertainty. With a proven track record in over 150 fields worldwide, this approach and technology have been widely adopted to quantify subsurface risks and optimize reservoir recovery.

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Sebastien Strebelle

Sebastien Strebelle

Chief Product Manager/Domain Owner for Earth Modeling at Halliburton Landmark