Join one of Halliburton Baroid's drilling fluids experts for a quick webinar on BaraShale Max Water-Based Fluid for onshore drilling. 

Drilling Fluids Senior Product Manager, JJ Miller, discusses our latest innovation in engineered fluid systems - BaraShale® Max.

JJ will cover how we are able to apply modern polymeric sealant additives such as BaraSeal™-957 and BaraFLC® Nano-1 to maximize wellbore stability. The unique size range of these products allows for sealing of micro-fractured formations and permeable zones, as well as effective sealing of shale formations to stop pore pressure transmission.  This capability allows the enhanced fluids to provide improved wellbore stability for trips and casing installations in reactive formations.  BaraShale Max fluids can be formulated to have excellent filtration control that equals typical oil-based fluids; and optimal rheological properties for sufficient hole cleaning with low pressure buildup. Operators may be able to reduce their field emissions and related Environmental Impact by using field brine to build BaraShale Max fluid while eliminating the need for containment, transport and disposal of oil-based mud and cuttings.

Please note this was a pre-recorded session and the Q&A is not live. However if you do have questions or want more information reach out to your local Baroid representative or email

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JJ Miller

JJ Miller

Drilling Fluids Senior Product Manager

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