May 25, 2022 | 10:00 AM CST

Join us for the new release announcement of ARIES®  Petroleum Economics software.  During this webinar, we will showcase an overview of the new features and functionalities, along with their benefits.

This new release delivers improvements in many areas, including:    

  • New user interface updates to the Multi-Graph module. 

  • An option to launch the software from a command line as a Windows shortcut. 

  • A monthly forecast table that can now contain the maximum number of columns in an Access database, which has a maximum of 254 columns. 

  • Multiple options to export the forecast from the Multi-Graph module. 

  • Increased Project Manager options, including a more efficient “Full Shortcut” preference option. 

  • Preservation of the weight factor and scenario of properties in a project after a refreshing or re-querying of the project. 

  • A more efficient way to sort columns within a table. 

  • Table adjustments to provide a more pleasant experience for users. 

With these improvements, users will be able to: 

  • Share graph schemes, plot layouts, and curve definitions in the Multi-Graph module. 

  • Directly open projects from different databases by using the Full Shortcut option in recent projects under the user preferences. 

  • In the Multi-Graph module, users can view forecasts from the economics that are entered via SIDEFILES, FILEXL, LOADXL, and LOOKUP keywords, including any nested lookups. 

  • Export projects to Excel. 

  • Export Excel cash flow results for both properties or summaries. 

  • Populate the monthly forecast table in an ARIES database.

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Presented by:

David Wysocki

David Wysocki

ARIES® Petroleum Economics Software Product Team Owner