Downhole challenges, such as sloughing formations, differential sticking, or complex extended-reach drilling (ERD) environments, require reaming or drill-in with liner capabilities that can handle heavy torque and rotation. With its robust running tool specifically designed for harsh conditions, the Halliburton VersaFlex High-Torque expandable liner hanger (ELH) system provides the ideal solution. Tertiary setting options and mechanical contingency release make this field-proven, high-torque system extremely valuable in demanding wellbore environments.

The VersaFlex High-Torque ELH system includes the rugged high-torque running tool as a companion to our ever-popular and reliable VersaFlex ELH. “Set and forget” sealing capability is made possible by the multiple elastomeric bands, which are hydraulically energized and sealed gas-tight to the parent casing at the liner top. The VersaFlex ELH is secure enough for bi-directional anchoring, which is testable upon setting. Its clean-form design allows a clear flow-path for cementing integrity, unsurpassed by any system in its class.


  • Simplicity 
  • Multiple elastomers 
  • High circulating rates up to 18 bbl/min 
  • Redundant setting mechanisms 
  • Contingency release mechanism 
  • Premium high-torque connections


  • Robust gas-tight liner-top seal 
  • Hydraulically energized seal upon setting 
  • Enhanced torque ratings 
  • No ID restriction

Design and application

The VersaFlex ELH high-torque tool is the only liner hanger running tool on the market that offers a tertiary setting mechanism. Primary setting utilizes a flapper deployed upon bumping the plug. A secondary contingency option is to drop a ball allowing it to gravitate to seat or deploy using a timed ball-drop technique, and the third setting option is to mechanically activate the flapper for setting. This tool also offers a mechanical tool release feature that eliminates any contingency shear pin release mechanism, allowing the running tool to be retrieved when needed.

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