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Specific Challenge

Improve operational efficiency of rigs and identify potential hazards

Region - North America Region - North America

United States

Region - North America


  • Identify potential rig hazards and well control events
  • Communicate performance objectives to employees
  • Improve operational efficiency of rigs


  • Quantifiable audits increased operational excellence
  • Audit database created training tool
  • Audits reduced nonproductive time on rigs


  • First-of-its-kind quantitative audit program 
  • Improved operational excellence scores by 22% 
  • 188 rigs audited in two years


Oil and gas companies continually seek ways to improve operational excellence and reduce exposure to potential well control events. Boots & Coots has conducted a well control audit program that has helped operators worldwide for several years. Recently, Boots & Coots developed a new, more quantifiable audit program that can help operators improve safety and operational efficiency. Boots & Coots performed 188 of these audits for a major operator in the program's first two years. Audit scores increased by 22 percent in one region alone during that period. The operator believes these audits upgraded their rigs' operations and efficiency and hired Boots & Coots to develop audits for other aspects of their operations.


Operators want to reduce potential well control events by proactively identifying possible risks and taking corrective actions to mitigate them. Many clients wanted a more thorough, quantitative audit to improve operational excellence for all their rigs.

Many operators also wanted to communicate operational goals to employees more effectively. Companies sought objective and quantifiable goals to train employees better and improve performance.

In addition to identifying risks and reducing potential well control events, operators search for ways to improve the operational efficiency of their rigs. Any incident could lead to nonproductive time, which has the potential to cost companies millions of dollars.


Boots & Coots' well control audit program is based on a standardized scoring system that provides clients with a quantifiable way to measure well control operations. These audits incorporate industry and regulatory guidelines to help increase operational excellence for all rigs.

A database of corrected actions is created to identify potential issues and give management a tool to train employees. Workers can see why the corrective actions are needed and how they improve overall operations and efficiency.

Boots & Coots' audits assess and rank potential issues. The database tracks corrective actions and steps taken to address them. The system provides management insight and accountability, helping to increase efficiency and reduce nonproductive time.


Of its kind quantitative audit program


Rigs audited within the first two years


Score improvement in one year for one region


Different areas of the rig audited


Audits for a major operator showed double-digit improvement 

Within two years of starting the new audit program, Boots & Coots performed 188 audits of rigs around the United States for a major operator. Improvements are already being seen as auditors complete another round of audits. In one region alone, operational excellence scores improved by 22%. 

Improved operations led to more audits 

The operator believes these audits are an important component of its culture of continuous improvement. The findings from these audits provide visibility to management and can be used to train employees and improve overall operational efficiency. The operator is so pleased with the rig audits they have asked us develop audits for other phases of operation including fracturing, snubbing, and coiled tubing.

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